993 Technical section

This section is devoted to all the technical issues regarding the Porsche 993, all the technical information on this page are property of their respective owners.  If you have any technical information regarding the 993s and would like to share it with everyone please feel free to e-mail me the information to post on this web site.  Hope my efforts will greatly reduce the frustration in looking for an answer on a same subject.  Everything is listed by alphabetical order, clicking on the name of the contributing party will let you send a e-mail to them.

Commonly user Porsche Acronyms

993 engine readiness code information
Allen head removal tips
Battery Maintenance
Brake light bulb replacement(for third brake light bar)
Brake pad replacement advice
Cigarette lighter Adapter 
Exhaust system (sulfur smell)
Fan belt repair
Options codes
OBD2 diagnostic code definition (Work in progress)
Maintenance schedule
Power steering fluid
Tires (Porsche approved tires)
Turn Signal parking lights (Similar to Mercedes' parking light feature)
Wheel fitment (18" on early 993s) (August, 2001 update)

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