Fan belt reapir 

Contributed by: Ray Calvo

I don't know how many of you have been driving 911s for over 20 years, but one thing that has always amazed me is the size of the tool bag - especially with the inclusion of a spare fan belt and the associated tools for removal.  Well, the good old days are gone!  When I noticed that the alternator belt on my 993 was squealing, I dug in vain in the tool bag for any sign of a spare belt or the associated tools for removal/installation.  Believe it or not, they don't exist anymore!  Whether this is one of the "improvements" made with the 993 introduction or started with the C2/C4 back in '89 I don't know (I suspect the latter, since this is the first date of the separate fan and alternator belt setup).

Doing some measurements, I found out the large hex nut on the end of the shaft is a 24 mm - so much for using a standard wrench!  The shaft is partially hollow, and is machined to apparently take a large Torx fitting; I found that a long-handled 8mm Allen wrench works fine with a length of pipe stuck in the end (shop maual sez to use wrench no. 999 571 052 02). To loosen the hex nut, I used a 12" long adjustable wrench (affectionately called a "knuckle buster" by us old timers, for all you snotty nosed kids out there). The belt adjustment is still fairly standard - move shims from between the pulley halves to in front of the outer pulley.  This adjusts
the alternator belt; to adjust the fan belt, once the alternator pulley is out, the fan pulley is apparently held in with 3 small Allen bolts.
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