Below are a list of common used Porsche Acronyms

ABS Anti-Lock brake system
ACS  Air conditioner sensor
AIR Secondary air injection
CL Closed loop
DFRDTE Oxygen sensing difference
DME Digital Motor Electronics
DQSDTE Air quality across the IACV
ECTS Diagnostic trouble code
ECTS Engine coolant temperature sensor
EZK Ignotion system
FR Oxygen sensing system integrator (Cyl 1-3)
FR2 Oxygen sensing system integrator (Cyl 4-6)
FRA Adaption under load (cyl 1-3)
FRA2 Adaption under load (cyl 4-6)
FTEA Tank vent adation value
H02S Heated oxygen sensor
IACV Idle air control valve
IV Injection valve
LDR Turbo pressure regulation
LH Hot Waire Air Mass Meter
MAFS Mass airflow sensor
MIL Malfuntion indicator lamp
ML Air mass
MV ABS valve
OBD  On board diagnostics
PD Pulse duty
PDAS  Porsche Dynamic All Wheel Drive Control
PSD Porsche Barrier Differential (928)
QADP Deviation of specified air mass
QSOL Specified air mass
RDK Tire pressure monitor system
SRS Supplemental Restraint System
TCC Torque converter clutch
TGSS Transmission gear selection switch
TL Load signal
TR Transmission range
TRA Adaption at idle (cyl 1-3)
TRA2 Adaption at idle (cyl 4-6)
TWC Three way catalytic convertor
USAC Oxygen sensor voltage in front of TWC (cyl 1-3)
USAC2 Oxygen sensor voltage in front of TWC (cyl 4-6)
USBC Oxygen sensor voltage behind TWC (Cyl 1-3)
USBC2 Oxygen sensor voltage behind TWC (Cyl 4-6)
WOTS Wide open throttle switch


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