Turn signal parking lights

Contributed by: Ray Calvo

I don't know if this is true for the water pumpers, but it's been the case on all the 911s I have ever owned.  If you park the car with the turn signals on and remove the ignition key, the turn signal REMAINS ON (doesn't blink, but stays on steady).  The newer cars (at least my 993 does) will give you a warning (chimes same as if open door w/key in ignition), but the older cars DON'T GIVE YOU A WARNING.  Only indication you might have is if you return the next day and find the battery totally dead.

I am not sure of the origin of this design, but I believe it is (or was) the law in some European countries that you must have a light illuminated on the side of the car facing the road if you park a car at night.  I remember the Renaults (an 8 then a 10) my parents had when I was a teenager that had a side marker light that was controlled by a separate switch under the dash.  You could set it to light either side lamp, depending on your choice.

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