Cigarette adapter

Contributed by: Ray Calvo


It's been several years since I covered this issue, so I figured an update is in order.

If you have ever tried to use the cigarette lighter in your Porsche to power a 12V accessory (cell phone, radar detector, CB radio, phaser cannon, etc.), I'm sure you've noticed that the standard power plug on many of these accessories does not fit in the Porsche lighter plug very well.  Well, there are two fixes which you can try.

First is a cheap little plastic sleeve that fits over your standard 12V accessory plug.  This expands the plug diameter so that it fits snugly (well, relatively) in the cigarette lighter socket. Cost is only about $2, they're readily available at any large cell phone shop.  Might try them before next alternative.

After trying the above option, it improved matters, but I was still getting power cutout occasionally (big bumps, or if I bumped the power cord).  The sleeve helped, but still allowed some "slop" in the fit.  What I tried next was a power plug available from Porsche.  This fits snugly in your cigarette lighter socket, is sturdily constructed, and has screw terminals for connecting the power leads (positive goes to the center terminal). I made up an adapter from this Porsche plug (about $12 at your dealer) and a US-style cigarette lighter socket available at any auto parts store.  This is a firm, solid power connection.

Oh, yeah, the plug is part no. 901 613 801 00
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