18" WHEEL FITMENT ON EARLY 993 (May issue of "Excellence")

Contributed by: Ray Calvo

If you intend to fit the Porsche 18" hollow-spoke wheels on early 993s, Porsche has indicated that they will not fit on the models before VIN 99SS323614.  Generally, these wheels require the wider bodywork of the Turbo and Turbo S.  Porsche does offer different 18" versions for wide-body (C4S) and narrow-body cars, but they should not be used on cars vbefore the noted VIN.  Porsche revised the front and rear wheel carrier, front lower ball joint, and front shock absorber, and reinforcced the rear anti-roll bar mounts on the lter cars to accommodate the larger cornering loads of the 18" wheels.

August, 2001

This is an e-mail contributed by Tim Board regarding the fitment of 18" wheels on earlier model 993s.

From:  Tim Board 
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Subject:  18" Wheel Upgrade on early '95 993 
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 Hello Robin,

Thought this info might be interesting to you....

There's been a lot of talk these past few weeks Re: 18" Turbo Wheels on early "95 cars and the Steering Support Bracket..

I just installed (about an hour ago) the Steering Support Bracket on my early "95C2. My VIN # is before the XXX323614 number, but I like the 18" Turbo wheels and plan to fit them on the car. I have 17" Cup Wheels on the car at the moment.

I purchased the kit from my local dealer for approx. $40.00.  It fit perfectly and was a very easy install... took only about 30 min.
I removed the plastic tray and removed the long allen bolts. I used a 6mm hex socket which made the job easier. Installed the 
bracket and torqued the new allen bolts to 32.5 ft-lbs..... I found that I didn't need the shorter allen bolts in the kit...I left the 
existing ones in place on the rack....Please see attachment....

I though that if you wanted to use the photo on your site that it may help answer some  questions from the readers....
If nothing else...it does prove that the bracket fits perfectly on early cars!!

I spoke to a SoCal Porsche field rep and he mentioned that there would be absolutely no problems fitting the wheels...just add the bracket.... He also said that it was a "warranty consideration" when Porsche released the TSB 4440-9604. Porsche didn't want to spend the money upgrading all the early cars and it was much easier to "not approve" the wheels for those cars. It would have cost them a small fortune.

The reason the Targa is not approved at all is due the the fact that the larger wheels would add more stress the the car and cause more squeaks. The Targas squeak so much anyway and the Factory didn't want to repair all the additional squeaks while under warranty.... Again it would cost them too much money.....

I checked out TSB # 4440-4 dated 8/21/98...."Summer Tire/Wheel Summary..." and read that the factory has now approved (at that time) the 18" wheels on all 95-98 993s (not Targa)...and by 8/21/98  all MY'95 cars were out of warranty...So it wouldn't cost Porsche
any money to allow the wheels to be fitted !

I enjoy your website and all the great info that you post on the message boards...Keep up the good work....


Tim Board
Pasadena, CA


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