Speedvision GT World Challenge Race 
Round 7
Road Atlanta
Sep, 29 2000

After a mere 18 month in driver's ed and PCA club racing my friend Hank Cohn was really looking forward to participate in his first SCCA pro race.  He had been talking about this race all year and I had always joked about being one of his pit crew whenever he had mentioned it.  Before long....... that day is finally here, the qualifying was conducted on Sep 28th, a 20 minute qualifying session around the track determined the starting position on the grid.  Sep 29th was the big day, a 50 minute race determined the winner of the event.

There were a variety of cars in this pro race, Audi S4, Corvettes, Vipers, Mustangs, Camaro, BMW M3, 996 GT3, 993 supercup car, 993 etc.   Both Hank and Corey completed the race without any serious scratches.  It still amazes me that both cars made it back in one piece after seeing the massive crowd of cars at the standing start.  Pro racing is serious racing, there is no preservation here.  Ever heard of "rubbing is racing"?  That term really applies here. 

................and I thought people play rough in PCA club racing.

Here are some words from the Hank Cohn

I just wanted to say thanks to Robin, Lynn and Joe for their words of encouragement. The World Challenge weekend ranks in the top 5 experiences of my life. It was an incredible privilege to participate in a sport at that level with some of the people that we get to see on TV. I was lucky enough to be selected to sign autographs with people like Derek Bell, Reese Cox and Michael Galati – what an honor. 

The most fun part of the week was spending time with most of the people that have been around me in Motorsport for the last two years. Robin Sun was a member of the Autometrics team’s pit crew and was extremely helpful. Gordon Friedman (our crew chief) of Autometrics set both my car and Cory’s car up beautifully. The suspension was not perfect for the g-force tires, but we all worked hard to make the best of it. My wife was the video documentor and did a great job. 

Speedvision and SCCA Pro were as professional as you could ask for. No one got excited about technical issues with the car and worked with the crew chief to solve minor problems. The race was truly awesome. 50 minutes of racing at Road Atlanta with a standing start – what a rush. Right now, we are trying to figure out how to get to Las Vegas for the race in October. 

Thanks again for all of the support! I highly recommend the World Challenge series to anyone who loves motor racing. It was more fun than I could have ever imagined. 



I would very much want to see Hank and Corey make their way to Las Vegas for round 8 of Speedvision GT world challenge race at the end of October, not sure how we are going to raise the $7000 we need to get the cars entered in that race yet.  Anyone out there would like to sponsor two race cars for $7000?  It is televised!

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Qualifying day
World challenge Touring car race
World challenge GT car race

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