Speedvision GT World Challenge
Qualifying Day
 One of the Champion Porsche's S4
Derek Bell's S4
Corey Friedman's 95 993 
Both cars in the tent area 
Hank's 96 993 
A 996 GT3 
 Another 996 GT3
A final check on the alignment 
Cars line up for qualify laps
Line up 
Hank in the line up 
Corey in the line up 
 Hank in the line up
 Another shot of the line up
Line up 
Hank on the straight after turn 12
Another picture of Hank 
 Audi S4
Broken ass Mustang 
Broken ass 996
 Hank's turn to turn in
Hank finished qualifying
Posting for Speedvision
 Hank posting
Corey Friedman 
H&R's BMW team 
 Inside the 328is
E46 328is
 Turn 1
 Touring cars in the line up
 More touring car line up
A S4 getting some more work before the touring car race 
One of the 996 GT3 
Gordon, Hank
Corey,Gordon, Hank


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