Track event at "Roebling Road"

All the pictures in the following pages were taken with my new Kodak DC-260 Digital Science camera, they are all high resolution pictures taken at 1536x1024.  If you have a slow internet connection speed (anything under 128k is consider slow), it will take you a very very very long time to download these pictures.

There were lots of pictures taken during this track event, there were even some burst shots (3 frame/ second shots).  I will try my best to categorize them in the best manner possible.  Like the previous track event I will have links below for you to jump directly to the section you want to see or just click on "Next" which will take you through the pictures in the chronological order.

After loading up Hank's truck and verify the last minute check list we (me + Hank) left Atlanta on 4/22/99 afternoon and ran directly right into Atlanta traffic.  On the way we received lots of thumbs up from pass by cars (we had to drive 65-70 MPH the whole time, because Hank's 993 is on his trailer).  Savannah is located on the South eastern side of Georgia, about 270 miles from Atlanta.  It was a ridiculously long and boring drive for me since I was following Hank behind his trailer.  I actually went through all my Beatle CDs twice from my CD changer.

Savannah is a friendly southern town with lots of history, but I didn't get a chance to tour the city or visit any historical sites  since I was at the track all weekend.   But I will next time......

The story behind "Roebling Road" ........Hank told me this story........
Couple of rich guys back in the 60s built this race track for themselves and their friends, So they can bring their car to race there.  And when they got too old to race they sold the track and the land to SCCA (Sports car club of America) for $1.00 

"Roebling Road" is not a horse power track, this is a track where the driver's skill comes into play.  There are about 9 unofficial turns that covers about 2 miles.  I said unofficial because all the turns are wicket decreasing radius turns, and some you can take it as two turns some as one.  There is quit a long straight away which can get you going to about 145 MPH at the end of the straight.

More on this stuff later.....................


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Unloading + tire changing
Driver's meeting + tech inspection
Line up
Hank on the track
Rick on the track
Me in Hank's car
Me in Rick's car
Pictures of other awesome cars at the event
Some quality pictures of my car
Burst shot section....... (taken at 3 frame/second)
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