How to remove the front bumper cover on a 993

There are several reasons why anyone would need to remove the front bumper cover from their 993, for most people it is because it is time to get it repainted from all the stone chips, personally I took the bumper cover off to give it to my paint guys to match the color with the new euro twin turbo bumper cover that he was getting ready to spray.

I origially ordered my Euro twin turbo front bumper cover from "By Design", phone number 888-993-2911.  My total bill for the bumper cover was $1245, that's includes the bumper cover, the grill behind the bumper cover, pair of clear euro signal lens, rubber gasket and freight.

Gert in Belgium also offer the same combo package for $1395

Factory Euro TT bumper cover with grill.
Euro clear turn signals for left and right.
New bumper seals and rivets
Shipping included

It is not 100% neccessary to remove the front wheels to do this, but it helps in getting to some of the mounting bolts.

(1). Jack the front of the car up from the rear jacking points one side at a time, and place the front of the car up on jack stands.
(2). Remove the front wheels.
(3). Unscrew the screws that secures the front section of the plastic liners in the fender well.  Remove the front fender liner.

(4). Remove the bolt that the side splitter bracket is secured on.

(5). Unscrew the screw on the bottom of each of the side splitters.

(6). Unplug the rubber drip hose from the splitter.

(7). Pull the each of the side splitters off towards the front of the car, you may need to reach in from behind to pry the hinges free.

(8). Open the front trunk and locate the bumper cap rail screw, remove the screw and the rail

(9). The actual bumper cap screw is underneath the rail, once the rail is removed you can remove the bumper cap holding screws.

(10). Reach in both sides of the fender well area where you have removed the fender liner and unbolt the bumper side rail bolts that secures the bumper cover to the fenders.

(11). Pull the bottom bumper clip off toward the front of the car from the bottom fo the car

(12). Unscrew the screw on each side of the signal light and pull the signal forward to remove it from the bumper cover and disconnect the connector from behind.  Once you removed the signal lens make sure you also remove the signal lens screw clip from the bumper cover, it will most likily get lost during the repainting process.

(13). Once the signal lights had been removed you can gain access to the fog lights screw, remove it and pry the fog light out from the holder and disconnect the connector.

(14). Now you can easily pull the front bumper off.


Pictures of some interesting internal components hidden by the bumper cover

How to swap rails and brackets over to a new bumper cover.

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