How to prepare for bumper cover swap

In the case of replacing the factory bumper cover with a new unit there are some additional installation that needs to be completed prior to the installation of the new bumper cover.

The original grill or a new grill must be installed on the new bumper cover before it is installed on the car.

The new bumper cover will not come with a new bumper rail clip that will clips on to the bottom of the front bottom pan of your car.  You must transfer the old rail clip over to the new bumper cover.

It is also necessary to purchase a rivet kit and the correct size rivets from your Porsche dealer parts department, some of the rails and bracket will require you to rivet it back on.  To remove the rivets from the old bumper cover you just need to drill the rivets out with a same size drill bit as the diameter of the rivet pole.

The fog light bracket must also be transferred over to the new bumper cover.  And 1 rivet is necessary to secure the bracket on each side.

The bottom bumper tail must also be riveted back on.

The bumper side brackets also needs to be riveted back on

The hardest part of this transformation is getting the rubber seal on to the new bumper cover.  Each time you remove the bumper cover it is recommended that the seals be replaced.  From the factory it is secured in place with thin double sided tape and staples.

Here is a close up of the staples I used to get the seals back on the new bumper cover

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