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"Whale Tails"

Hi Robin
                    Just been through your site...... Great stuff. I have been Porscheless for a couple of years now and on occasion I wander the web to "feed my need". Right at the moment I do not have the funds for a 993 (-: Though someday ? I work as a shift electrician at an airport so the purchase of a 993 would mean sacrifice in many other areas. I have however owned a 912 and two 911`s, and worked on friends 911`s I guess my claim to fame is that I was the first private individual to drive the 993 when it was launched to the press in the UK at Cameron house hotel on the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland, A stones throw from where I live. A new car mag wanted an older 911 to carry out a back to back test on the "loose" basis of a value for money comparison, I guess the target audience of the mag was not really the probable buyers of £60k Porsches.

The article was quite well written and I did a follow up article for the Porsche Club GB. which was published in the Porsche Post. I have to admit that to this day I think the 993 is the best looking road Porsche ever, If I could fault it, I guess the gear change is for a car of such quality, having driven Porsches for 10 yrs or so at the time it was no problem as I was used to the feel, Just that it could be so much better, Jeez, my wife's Nissan has a stick that is as remote from the action as the Porsche item, yet it flicks like a switch !! Ok maybe I`m just kidding my self I don`t like it cause I cant afford it.. Yet (-:

I rebuilt my cars and painted them myself and learned much in the process, I have rebuilt many average "classic" sports cars and loved Lotus, I thought Porsche were souped up Volkswagens until, when trying to sell My Jensen interceptor during a fuel crisis in the 80`s, the best deal I could get was a trade against a rusted out 912 ! So that was my introduction to Porsche.  Boy was that car rusted !! I did not have the cash for new panels so the end result was a patchwork quilt, in the end the Porsche to Dow quotient was approx. 60/40. When finished it still impressed me with it`s practical layout and design concept, I guess I did not know at the time how infectious Porsche was.

Meantime as I said I have given up on Porsche, mostly due to road rage hassle factors from the mildly annoying to close on physical interaction, It may just be in my mind, though here a Porsche is a target for those who suffer from envy..... Just that I met too many of them in the months before I decided to sell, I bought a motorcycle which I still have, sure I still seem to manage to annoy those same folk, though I`m gone before the hassle starts, sure a Porsche is fast though a bike can overtake and get through traffic on twisting country roads much better than ANY supercar, funnily enough a few months ago I came upon a gaggle of slow moving cars on the twisting narrow road along the north side of Loch Earn, I could see that something red and interesting was about three cars from the front of this particular snake, I moved up to one car behind the red car....... It was a Testerossa, A beauty! I could not get directly behind as the A*** hole in front was near to sitting in the Tessy`s engine bay ! I guess he was trying to annoy the Tessy driver, see what I mean about hassle factor ? Anyway, I stayed and watched it through a couple of corners hoping it would make a move when only IT (and I) could, after it missed too many opportunities I became bored watching a slow Tessy and left them all behind in there conga line. The road opens out a few miles further on from where I left them, and as I generally stick to the speed limits (I value my licence) I kept my eyes on the mirrors for a rapidly growing blood red dot.......... Bummer... It never happened. I guess even Tessy drivers have to be real careful in these times of mobile phones where any cretin can, at will phone 999 and say his life has just been endangered by a sports car driven by a lunatic...... Hmm!... Hassle factor.

Funnily enough the guy I sold my last 911 to must have annoyed someone, as a couple of days or so after I sold it, the police turned up at my door asking if I was the owner of MFS 146 X . I guess it just underlined for me that I had made the correct decision when I decided to sell.

While out on my m/cycle, I was in the bushes at the side of Loch Tay when I heard a loud unsilenced growl, I zipped up and rushed to the roadside to catch a glimpse of a vintage Bentley roaring past, Quick as I could I was on the bike and underway I had to scratch in the corners to catch him ! I must have topped 90 at times...... That's real fast on that particular leave covered twisting road..... Once there I held back making it obvious I did not want to pass, I just wanted to watch him work, it is one thing to drive a Porsche real fast, Quite another to do so in a vintage Bentley, He sure impressed me. All too soon he turned off and was gone, though he planted a seed of thought that has grown into my current fixation...... A mid 80`s Morgan +8, Just seems like a load of low tec fun without hassle factor. Time is not yet right for purchase though soon perhaps, it`s just that I keep looking longingly at Porsche`s My friend owns a 97 993 C4 which spends most days locked up in his garage..... Seems sacrilege as we live in wonderfully scenic countryside with wonderful challenging roads...... Although it rains a lot (-:

Apologies .... I have just looked up at the length of this little note ! I attach a pic of my 911 and the comparitor for the mag article in the grounds of Cameron house on the day after the launch of the 993. If you would like some more shots, I could bore you to death, I could also scan the PCGBarticle in JPEG if you would like to see it though the original mag article is broadsheet and my scanner is A4 ! Though would be happy to attempt  something if you are interested ? You will no doubt note the number plate on the 993, it is one of many that are owned by Porsche Cars GB.

      Best wishes to you and yours.

      Cheers. George.

CARWEEK 24 November, 1993

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Hi Robin
Like you I was in a rush when I replied....... There was a sweet lady in an evening dress waiting patiently to be transported to an evening out ! You guessed it..... It was SHMBO ! (She Who Must Be Obeyed).

Strange as it may seem we were meeting my friend with the 993 for a foursome at a dinner dance, I did the driving ( Nissan, unfortunately !) as I very rarely drink alcohol. On transporting them back home I started a discussion on the costs of running a 993 etc. He generally keeps his (financial) cards close to his chest though on this occasion seemed unusually chatty ! 'Twas only when he opened the garage door that the reason for his enthusiasm to talk cars was revealed....................In the shape of a 993 replacement...............A 97 993 S C4 Sitting beside his Harley!!

Not sure if I have the "S" in the correct place in the scheme of things,  though he explained to me that what I was looking at was a Turbo in every  sense of the word except for the engine, he further explained that there was in existence a "lesser" model (-: With only the Turbo body and not the Turbo running gear, brakes etc. Apparently the car was bought new by a guy who wanted a Turbo and at the time there were none to be had, so he "just" bought this car instead ]-: When a Turbo finally turned up he sold this car..... 17k miles on the clock. I guess cars are a tad more expensive here as my pal reckons that his "old" 96 993 C4 traded in with around 32k miles on it would sell for around £40k .

On your Porsche story section........ I had not realised I had written a story (-: I would be happy if you deem`d it worthy of publication on your wonderful web site. I attach the article I wrote for the Porsche club GB mag, lest you find interest in it..... Apologies for the content as it is a bit "clubby" in structure. As I typed before, I will, if you wish, attempt to copy the original mag article written for the 993 launch, though there are slight tec probs (previously discussed) I also attach a pic of me taken some 8 or so years ago or so while at a PCGB wedding on the Island of Ghia off the Scottish West coast...... Scottish equivalent of MIB (Men in Black) MIK (Men in Kilts) (-: or more correctly Man in Kilt....... It is traditional here for some weddings that the men wear out national costume.

   Cheers, George.

George Dow's article for the Porsche Club GB


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