A novela of life in Southern California

Well, after owning my TT for a week and being able to put all of 125 miles on it, last night I had the chance to drive it on the freeway for the first time. I had never even put the thing into sixth gear!

So, I roll up to the onramp of the 405 at Springdale Street. I wait two green lights for the little sedan (of eastern extraction) to pull a distance away. I watch the light intently and when it changes to green I step on the throttle and......

Oh my gosh, just around the bend is a CHP cruiser parked. Probably ticketing car lane jumpers. I swallow hard and back off the throttle big time and change up into second quickly. I motor by as if I was on the way to a meeting of the local Temperance Society. MY LUCK, the cruiser pulls out and follows me onto the freeway! I don't have plates and I know that everyone goes through the same set of paranoiac thoughts when followed by the gendarmarie. What if he pulls me over? Where is my license, etc. etc. Now I'm in fourth gear going about sixty five and watching the rear view mirror as much as the road in front. THREE ONRAMPS go by and he follows! GROAN! Then he pulls off at about Brookhurst, finally. Free at last, thank god almighty FREE AT LAST! (Sorry Dr. King). 

After a check of the mirrors I throttle up without changing from fourth and the boost comes on after a half-tick and oh my gosh this thing is fast! Like the song said "them telephone poles looked like a picket fence". Just about to grab fifth, and it's my offramp!

Later on the way home it's all tippy toes and nice-nice because of one (honestly that's all) Martini (Vodka, dirty, with two olives, up) and my share of a bottle of Cabernet.

Maybe another day.......

I thought all of you air-coolers would be amused by the story of a water pumper gone to waste. 



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