Garey Cooper's 
"Let it rain" 

I visited my son's new apartment in Studio City yesterday evening. He lives on Tujunga just off Ventura Blvd. Well I had a nice time with the lad
and then the rain started. Like we don't get here in Sunny SoCal. Thunder, lightning and rain like Noah was gonna start hammering a boat together any minute. I tried to wait the rain out and finally about 9:00 I left to go home. I went out front and I see water breaking over the back of my car! 

His street is downhill and there is a drainage canal at the bottom of the street you see and my car was in a river. I had to try and jump acrosss the mini-Rubicon and land more or less in the middle getting my feet wet to mid-calf, then run to the car. I got to the car yanked the door open and put it in nuetral and let the downhill and the water push me away from the curb. 

With some (no make that lots) of trepidation I turned the key over and Voila! Der Maus fired on the first spark! Lots of steam pouring off after a
moment or two, checking the brakes to see if anyone was home, and I pulled away. She ran like a top. I am impressed. 

Then on the way home I fought aqua planning with my TA KD's but other than the occaisional skate across the odd pond. Not a single hitch.
Never happier to see the garage door flip open. 

Folks, these are rugged little cars. 

Garey Cooper

This story was posted on the Rennlist 993/996 discussion board on Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 4:23 p.m.


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