Doug (Cannonball) Richter's Amazing Crash Survival Story

March 1 2001 I flew to Miami to look at a speed yellow 993 Twin Turbo with the M033 lowered euro suspension. The car had 18K on it and was immaculate! 
I got to know the owner well and had fun while waiting 2 days for the wire transfer. He had just put new Bridgestone S02 tires on it the day before. I loved the car and since i only had a one way ticket to Miami I was forced to drive the car back to Wisconsin....decided it was time to visit friends in memphis on way home and bypass a possible storm. 

100 miles out of Miami heading towards Ft. Meyer a Fool & his girlfriend decided to pull along side me in a new Z05 and taunt me! My brother-in-law riding with me said "well we have a 100 miles on it its time to open it up" as he smirked. I was in 6th @ about 85 when I stepped it down. I was watching the road and the about a 3rd mile I had put 13 car lengths between us!!! I backed out of it and my brother-in-law asked me if I knew how fast we were going. I said I thought about 130 or so....his reply was "I stopped watching the speedo @ 170"!!!! A short time later back at a reasonable speed the Corvette passed us with a very straight faced driver and girlfriend. The comment that brought us to laughter after seeing their straight faces was "He's not going to get laid tonight" Once back in Wisconsin I drove the car for about 2 weeks before hitting the water and having the accident. What had happened driving home was I wore the tires that I knew nothing about out. Who checks tires that are 3 weeks old with only 3000 miles on them......I do now!

After a two week stay in the hospital with a fractured Femur filled with a 13" rod and a fractured pelvis & tailbone. A broken arm with two 8" plates &14 screws some head lacerations from breaking the telephone pole with my head through the side window I went home. A week later as the insurance adjuster was sitting in my kitchen wondering how to fill out the check I got a call from a guy in Miami wondering if I still was looking for a Speed Yellow 993.....I thought some one was pulling a fast one so I said yes and asked to have the info faxed. As I was saying good bye to the adjuster I heard the fax machine so I went to can imagine the supprise when I found out that God had meant me to have one of these cars and provided another one for me to purchase! It was only a mile from the private party I bought the first one from. He looked at it and said Buy it! It had only 6900 miles on it too! I had it shipped to save on tires!


Almost a year later I am walking with only minimal discomfort and no limp!

This is Doug's 993 twin turbo before the accident

Doug's turbo was spotted back in Florida after it has been totalled by the insurance company. 

Dennis saw the Doug's story and remembered a wrecked turbo that he saw few month back and sent me this below e-mail.


A couple of months ago I was at Turbo Werks here in Ft Lauderdale, Fl . I saw this yellow 993 turbo wrecked beyond belief. Then I saw "Doug's" 993 turbo on your web page and it's the exact one. Here is a better image of Doug's car or what's left of it. ?  Thank God Doug is ok !

It's a shame that a $125,000 car is worth $100,000 less after hitting a pole. I inquired about the turbo, they are asking $25,000 for it. 

Dennis Bolanos 
Associates 100 Real Estate

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