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I was fortunate to finally purchase my first Porsche for my 45th birthday.  Having first found a beautiful 83 SC in Vermont that caught my eye, I ended up with an 84 Carerra coupe in Guards Red.  I also had a Lexus SC 300 as a daily driver, but after a while of driving the Porsche, it was clear that I could not, not, drive the Porsche everyday.  Thus the Lexus left my stable and the Carerra became my daily drive.  After a while, I began to notice how bright this color was and how OBVIOUS it was on the street.  Even with the Val 1 protecting me, I needed tohave a more subdued color.  Thus I obtained my second Porsche, transporting it from Miami to Northern CA This is an 88 Carerra coupe in gray-green or Granite metallic.  This is a very elegant color.  After about a year, and shortly after the death of both of my parents, I became the patriarch of my family.  I decided that it was time for more safety items such as ABS and airbags, and thus a 95 993 coupe has become my daily drive.

Each of the Porsches has their own unique characteristics and all have been fun to have owned and driven.  I only wish I could have kept them all.  I have learned a ton about Porsches, and I can only say that a Porsche will always be in my life.  The PCA club events have been fun and it is great to meet the people who enjoy these cars as much as I have.

My 1st Porsche, 84 Carerra Copue                                                    2nd Porsche, my 88 Carerra Coupe

My Porsche today, a 95 993 Carerra Coupe

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