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My 1982 SC Coupe

1982 911 SC 3.0 Coupe
owned by Todd C. Mason [3rd registered]

Detail specs:

Factory Pacific Blue Metallic
Bosch H4 Headlights
Factory Black
Schroth Ralley 4 Harness
Recaro Sport seats
AJ-USA Billet Aluminum Competition Pedals w/Bronze Bushing Kit
VDO Numeric Oil Gauge Fiberglass door pockets, covered to factory spec. C2 visors
Stock 3.0L, 197K original miles
Carrera Tensioner Update
B&B Oil Cooler w/Fan
ClubSport Engine Mounts
Stock 915 5-Speed w/Factory Short Shift Kit
Apex Shift Coupler 
Robotek Shit Gate
Sachs OEM Clutch
Porsche Limited Slip Differential, 40% Locking
Sander Engineering Hollow Torsion Bars 22mm Front, 27mm Rear [active rates]
TRG Adjustable Sway Bars 22mm Front, 22mm Rear
Bilstein HD Shocks Front & Rear
Brey-Krause Carbon Fiber Strut Tower Brace
Porsche 928 S4, 4 Piston Calipers Front w/cross drilled rotors
Stock SC Calipers Rear w/OEM rotors
Tilton Proportioning Valve [trunk mounted]
High Output Master Cylinder
Stainless Steel Brake Lines [DOT]
AJ-USA Front Brake Cooling Duct Kit
Turbo Tie Rods
Factory Fuchs 7x16 Front, 9x16 Rear
215/55 Front, 245/45 Rear Bridgestone SO2 Pole Position Tires

This is an amazing car and handles better at the limit than any stock 993.  I once stuck with a 1997 Twin Turbo on a windy backroad for 3 miles before the guy gave up. On the same road, I have dusted M3s and Saleens with little effort. It is a damn near perfect compromise between street and track. A perfect setup would be to drop the torsion rate a notch to a
21/26mm to allow a wider tire pressure range with a bit more comfort as this car can take a lot out of you and I am sure most people would prefer a 20/25mm setting. The 928 S4 brakes are a nightmare!!!! You must run a 3-5mm spacer to clear them on the front using a 944 7x16 Fuch to get the correct offset and they scream to no end. I have had the brakes redone with
every single idea anybody could throw at it with 5 different pad
combinations to no avail. The Racer's Group sway bar system is the real secret to this car's abilities besides countless hours of set up and tuning time. This car is totally complete minus a paint job, either a 3.4 engine conversion from a 3.2 or a drop in 3.6 (I haven't decided yet) and a S-Car-Go custom 4 point street leather wrapped roll bar with an in-car cam system.

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