My Porsche History

My love affair with Porsche began at about the age of ten.  I had a few Matchbox Porsche models from childhood when my father began to purchase 1/18 scale cars for me.  By the age of fifteen, I had a pretty good collection going.  I'll post my collection at some point.  I also had my bedroom walls covered with posters of Porsche 930's, 928's, and a few BMW M1's.  My point of no return was when my father was shopping for a sports car during that important time in life where it makes sense(mid 40's) ;~).  He proceeded to take me on test drives in several cars, including a 928 and a few 911's.  From that point on, I was hooked.

When I began my career in the early 1990's, I began annually reviewing my five year vision of where I would be personally and financially.  Every
year I noticed I would accomplish those goals on a much faster track than five years.  One of my recurring goals was to own a Porsche 911 before I was 30.  In 1997, I was visiting a client of mine when he showed me his two 911's in his garage.  I instantly fell in love with the older one (a 1981 911SC coupe with some aftermarket work done to it), because it had that boy racer appeal (after all, I was only 27 at the time).  He said he had thought about selling the older one, because he did not really drive it much anymore (he loved his newer 85 targa).  I made him an offer, and Gretchen became mine.  I felt good about having a third car, because I was able to pay cash for it and because my wife loved it too.  (Melissa calls her my 19 year old mistress on the side).

Six months into owning my car, I had my first real test as a Porsche owner.  My mechanic told me I needed a new clutch and my synchro's were
shot, to the tune of about $3,500.  This was a moment of truth for me, as I decided to bite the bullet and do it.  I had never put that much money
into ANY car for repairs.  Since then, Gretchen has been a joy to own, with the only problem being an alternator that had to be replaced twice
(under Bosch's two year warranty).

As I was approaching 30 years old, I became more educated on everything Porsche.  I began to fall in love with the sexier, more aggressive look of the 993 body.  I was also looking for more power than a 1981 911 could deliver.  Since my wife and I were trying to have children, we decided it was now or never.  But, we decided if we were going to have a Porsche 911/993 on a long term basis, it would always be a third car.  If we were going to make it a third car, we might as well make it a sports car AND a convertible.  Problem solved.

In March of this year, I found what I was looking for; a 1996 Guards Red/Cashmere 993 C2 cabriolet with 11,000 miles on it.  Perfect color scheme, perfect car, perfect convertible.  And the real kicker, I did not turn 30 until June.  So I had two Porsches before I was 30!!!

I will probably always stick with the 993 because I love the styling and the engine.  The added plus is that my wife loves the car (Gretchen II) as
much as I do.  I may become more of a 996 fan in the future, but for now I have my dream car!!!