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Most of you guys know who Ray Calvo is, well.....just in case you don't Ray is known on the Rennlist as the grumpy old man.  I call him "Pops" need I explain why?  Anyone who hasn't got used to Pops' character can easily get offended by his comments.  Personally I laugh so hard when I read his posts, and that certainly brightens my day.  Does that give you an idea how my day is like?  :)   Almost everyone knows Ray's typical reply posts by heart.... "Turn off the computer!  Use your imagination", "You snot nosed kids....", "You numbnuts!", and the most famous one of them all is "Buy a shop manual you cheapskate!".  LOL

For those of you who don't know Pops.  He may not come off as your typical polite Christian, but he does know his car stuff.  "Mechanically at least"  Pops is also one of the top minds in this country that creates neutrons, protons, and electrons for eventual conversion into electricity on a daily basis.  Now talk about having fun at work. 

Typically when I build a Porsche web site for someone, it usually consists of some picture of their car, maybe some information about whatever they want to tell others.  But when I got hold of what Ray had sent me I really didn't know where to start, so I figured I will just let my imagination run wild here and hope that this wouldn't destroy his public image.

Regardless of what others may think or say about Ray, I like Ray and I love reading his posts.  So Pops don't stop, you will always have my support!

Robin (Junior)

Me (Ray Calvo) at Nelson's Ledges

Ever seen a two-tone 993?  This was at one of the Mid-Ohio driver's education events.


Snapped spark plug which resulted in an engine job on my old '84.  Removed cylinder head, drilled out the plug from the head (squiggly portion is what's left of the part that normally screws into the head)

Anti-squeal shit I removed from the 993 brakes

Friend had a much-modified 944 that he dubbed "Beelzebub" due to all the incidents he had with it. Also had this sticker made up and stuck under the rear window. Some of his more "famous" incidents:

- Was clobbered by a school bus while traveling on a side road to Mid-Ohio
- Had a gas line break under the car, exhaust caught fuel on fire as it was draining out of tank. Nearly totally burned car to the ground.
- Was on vacation in Nags Head, SC. Went in to dinner; during dinner there was a horrendous thunderstorm. After dinner, while was paying cashier, saw a bunch of folks looking out window. Looked out to see what they were peering at. Turned out to be his car, buried in water above the door        frame/window joint.
- There was a Porsche Club Race out at Mid-Ohio; they got Derek Bell to come out to give demo rides. The car he was using died, so Derek said that anybody who still wanted a demo ride, he would drive his car instead. This guy volunteered. Up around Madness, car died. Turned out to be a air inlet connection, but car needed to be towed into pits.


Misc. pictures

Good visual of the definition of "oversteer"
A concours class you'll never seen at a Porsche event - a "beaters" class! (on a well-worn Triumph TR-3)
A certain "Rennlister's" Adventurine Green 993
930 built up by a local independent mechanic, Andy Bittenbinder. As I remember, car was featured in a past "European Car".  Too bad he's never taken it on the track - he just shows it!
All of the above were shot at the 2001 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

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