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Interior of my car. Midnight Blue and Classic Grey is a great 
combination (IMHO). Walnut dash etc is a more controvertial fitment, popular in Saudi Arabia where my car was first delivered. Overall I'd prefer it without but the rest of the car was too good to pass up.

Different Strokes for different folks

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Polish shiny on my driveway
The aftermath of a 2am trip out to Hunaudieres through the
My car abandoned by it peers at Walton Hall

March, 2002

The 18" Turbo Twist's are temporary until my RS wheels arrive (Week 14 I'm

18 Wheels fill the arches nicely
Turbo Twists will make way for RS wheels soon

Having Fun at Le Mans

My friends and I at Le Mans 2001. Our camp surrounded by my car, Gordon Lees' 3.2 Carrera and Dave Fisher's '77 3.0 Carrera. Did we get wet? Has Pinocchio got a wooden dick? We wore Hawaiian shirts during the post race track invasion (here we are in the pits) so that we could spot ourselves on TV. It didn't work! 

Bravery Fun

My car surrounded by is peers at "The Independent Porsche Enthusiast Club" (TIPEC) day of the year at Walton Hall in
At Walton Hall from a different angle, including Walton Hall itself.
Donnington track day. Track days bring out all sorts of tasty kit!
P11 RSR dressed up for track action. 
It's Rubystone Red NOT Pink!!
964's always well represented at UK track days. They're not all Pink honest. 
Being readied (emptied) for track action.

I can dream, can I?

A pristine 993RS at Highclere, the biggest Porsche Club event
in the UK. I soooo want this car.

Wiring Woes
"95 Model year 993's have been known to experience problems where the engine wiring 
harness insulation breaks down, leading to short circuits and eventually burn out!"
Thanks to EJ for sharing his finding, you can find more information about the engine harness issue under EJ's web site


Missing insulation around the alternator harness area Very close up picture on the main trouble area Close up of cracked, damaged and burned insulation under the rubber sheath section of the harness
The old harness removed from the car Someone who didn't get away as lightly as me!!


6 of my Scalextric Porsches. Giesse and Lucchini
'98 GT1's, Gulf and Martini Racing 917's, Joest Porsche Le Mans Prototype
and Roock Racing GT2. In the background is a Carl Greatrix cartoon of my own
car. Carl's website even uses a 993TT on the homepage

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