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My 2001 Porsche 996 at Willow Springs


Regarding my 996

My 996 is a model year 2001, six speed in Slate Grey Metallic, w/black interior. I was about to order the exact car in silver (and wait a few months for its arrival) when I found all the options I wanted, and didn't want, on this beauty. I only noticed that it was exactly what I wanted option-wise after I couldn't take my eyes off the color.

The car came with the Technic Package which includes Litronic headlamps, a trip computer and an in-dash CD player. It also has PSM and the color was an option.

Within a few weeks I was tinkering. I added the 18" Sport design wheels. This was my favorite wheel, that it was factory Porsche was just that much better. I switched the stock exhaust for Milla Miglia. Had the OBDII  remapped by Steve at RennSport Systems and dropped in a K&N air filter.  After a couple days on the track I put in H&R springs for a lower ride height, rolled the fenders a bit and added Tech Art wheel spacers to fill the wheel wells. The last thing I did to really make it mine was to put in the B&N short shifter kit. What an incredible bang for the buck that was.

So there she is in a nutshell, but to go for a ride or pass her on the street is truly something more that the sum of her parts. What a fantastic machine, and I'm awestruck every time I approach, drive and withdraw from that car. I'm very pleased with my 996.


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