Garey Barnhill's
1992 Carrera Cup USA edition


In 1992, Porsche introduced two Carrera lightweight cars sold by US dealers. Porsche sold 701 RS America in model years 1992-1994. The RS America was 76 pounds lighter than a standard Carrera 2, assuming it wasn't ordered with air conditioning, sunroof and radio. The Carrera Cup USA edition was 200 pounds lighter than a C2 and only 45 were made..

The 1992 Carrera Cup USA lightweight editions were imported by Porsche to compete in a national race series, but sponsorship fell through after  the cars were in the US, and Porsche, hurting for cash in 1992, sold them through their dealers. The car is basically the Euro Carrera RS with a few safety items to meet import rules. It is amazing, but the cars are street legal. My car is titled and licensed in CA. My car is VIN WPOAB2960NS420581. The serial numbers are not consecutive. It has a total of 578 miles. It is not altered or modified in any way. It is just like it came off the showroom floor. The Carrera Cup USA cars were written up in Pano May 1993 and Excellence Feb 1993. The offering price is $89,000. Earlier cars I looked at were in the high seventies and had been modified and had substantial mileage. Car located in Newport Beach, CA.

To appreciate how dramatically different and special this competition lightweight edition is, compare the many differences to a standard RS America, which was billed as a lightweight for competitive driving. See the below Lightweight Carrera Comparison between the RS America and the Carrera Cup USA edition.

As Porsche said in a private 1992 mailing to potential Carrera Cup USAbuyers, "this is a once in a lifetime opportunity".

Imagine, if you will, you had an opportunity to purchase 1973 Carrera RS lightweight with 578 miles. What would it be worth. A local collector won't take $150,000 for his 1973 Carrera RS that has been raced extensively, wrecked, repainted etc., etc.

I can offer no good reason for selling the car. I have 7 cars and a four car garage and would like to get everything under roof.

        Please feel free to call or email if you require additional information.
       Gary Barnhill
        (near Newport Beach, CA, 50 miles south of Los Angeles)


   Lightweight Carrera Comparison
between the RS America and the Carrera Cup USA edition.

Stabilizer diameter 22 mm  24 mm 5-way adjustable
Spring rate Base rate  Higher rate
type  Linear  Progressive
Damper type Boge HD twin tube Bilstein
Hub material  Steel Aluminum
Upper spring strut mount  Rubber  Ball joint
Lower control arm bushings  Standard Harder rubber
Height  Standard USA  50 mm lower
Camber setting  0 degree - 1 degree
Wheels  7x17 7x17
offset  55 mm  55mm
material Alum  Alum
Tires  205/50  205/50
Steering Manual  Manual 
Stabilizer diameter 20 mm  18 mm 3-way adjustable
Spring rate High Highest
type Progressive Progressive
Damper Boge HD Bilstein 
type  single tube
Upper spring strut mount Rubber Ball joint
Control mount  Standard Modified
Spring strut Standard Modified
Height  Standard USA  45 mm lower
Camber setting  -45 -1 degree 15
Wheels  8x17  8x17
offset  52 mm 52 mm
material Alum  Alum
Tires  255/40  255/40 
ENGINE COMPARISON  93 RS America 92 Carrera Cup USA
Engine type M64/01 M64/03
Selected pistons/cylinders No Yes
Flywheel Dual Mass Sports
Fan/alt drive  2 belts  1 belt
Modified suction oil line No Yes
Engine mounts  Hydraulic Solid rubber
DME Control  Standard Sport
Displacement  3600 cc 3600 cc
Compression  11: 3: 1  11: 3: 1
Horsepower  250 DIN @ 6100  260 DIN @ 6100 rpm
Torque  310 Nm  @ 4800 325 Nm  @ 4800 rpm
Fuel  92 Octane 93 Octane
GEARBOX and SHIFT LEVER  93 RS America 92 Carrera Cup USA
Gear type G50/5  G50/10
Gear ratios
1st gear  3.500  3.154
2nd gear 2.059  1.695
3rd gear 1.407 1.407
4th gear  1.086 1.086
5th gear 0.868  0.868
Ring & pinion 3.333 3.444
Limited slip diff  Option: 40% disc Standard 20/100% variable
Trans mount Standard Harder rubber
Synchronizers Standard Steel, modified for quick shifting
Shift lever ration 4: 0: 1  3: 4: 1
Shift lever travel 62 mm  52 mm
Lever cockpit position  Standard 10 mm to left
BRAKE COMPARISON  93 RS America 92 Carrera Cup USA
Booster type  Vacuum Hydraulic
ratio 3.0  3.6
Master cylinder diameter 20.64 mm 25.4 mm
Proportioning valve switching pressure 45 bar 55 bar
Front Brakes
Caliper body C2/C4 size Turbo size
Piston diameter  40+36 mm 36+44 mm
Disc type Ventilated Ventilated, cross-drilled
Disc diameter  298 mm 322 mm
Disc thickness 28   mm 32   mm
Rear Brakes
Caliper body C2/C4 size Turbo size
Piston diameter  30+28 mm 30+34 mm
Disc type Ventilated Ventilated, cross-drilled
Disc diameter  299 mm 299 mm
Disc thickness  24 mm  24 mm
BODYWORK COMPARISON  93 RS America 92 Carrera Cup USA
Spoiler Fixed  Retractable
Side mirrors  Manual  Manual
Front hood Steel Alum
Glass  Standard Thin
NGT racing seamwelds No Yes
Rolled fender lips No  Yes
Rear sound dampening  No No
Underseal  Yes No
Weight Lbs.  2954  2835 
Lighter than standard C2 Lbs. 76 200
Windows  Electric  Electric
BODYWORK COMPARISON 93 RS America 92 Carrera Cup USA
Cruise control  No  No
Battery  75 AH  36 AH
Master electrical cutoff switch  No Yes
Heated rear window Yes No
Front seat  Sport clothe  Basic
Rear seat  Pkg tray w/ 2 doors Pkg tray w/o doors
Carpet  Lightweight  Lightweight
Door panel  Lightweight w/strap Lightweight w/strap
Door panel speakers  Yes  No
Front trunk carpet  Complete   Shortened
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT  93 RS America 92 Carrera Cup USA
17 wheels  Standard Standard
Sport suspension (M030) Standard  N/A
Limited slip diff  Optional  Standard
Power steering   N/A  N/A
Sunroof Optional N/A
Air conditioning Optional N/A
Tinted windshield Standard Standard
Seat heat N/A N/A
Headlight cleaners N/A  N/A
Radio  Optional  N/A
Sport Seat  Standard N/A

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