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This is a picture of my 96 993 C4S taken at the Porsche Corral in March at Sebring 

This was taken at the Porsche Corral in May, 2001 at Watkins Glen.

The C4S's big red brakes were ordered from the factory painted in a high gloss black with white Porsche lettering on the original invoice.  (Arena Red and the bright guards red type brake color clash)  The Turbo tail was also ordered from the factory as well as the hollow spoke Turbo wheels.

This is my 1982 911SC Targa.  It is in its parking space in my condo's underground garage.  It will be twenty years old in 6 months.

I have a spare factory Targa top (thank you ebay) and a rare Plexiglas Saratoga top which actually fits well and does not leak.  It also has a factory "Porsche" CB, an Emmerson Fitapaldi MOMO steering wheel, the short shift kit, the requisite timing chain tensioner update, the pop valve and a LOT of loving care from me, aided by the Paterek brothers teaching skills.

Keep the shiny side up!

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