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My name is Darryl and I invite all Porschephiles, enthusiasts and first time owners to visit with me. My desire for a Porsche started back in 1985, when my wife and I relocated to San Francisco. The sudden change was refreshing and exciting. We enjoyed venturing out and exploring new territory, better known as the City by the Bay. Let me note that every guy has a fantasy about owning some form of a Sports car. Whether it be a Ferrari, Porsche, Diablo or Corvette, we all have dreams that some day, we would like to own one. Never give up on that dream. The thought of owning a 911 Porsche would truly be a dream come true.

One day we found our way into the city and ran across a rather trendy neighborhood. At the time they called it Union Street. For those of you who are not familiar with this street, it's a shopper's delight! It's filled with small boutiques, quaint cafe's, bakeries and art galleries mixed with fashionable designer shops and antiques. We had just finished admiring the artwork in Z-Gallery when I spotted a Porsche parked, not but a few feet away from the curb, directly outside of this shop. I was mesmerized as I examined every inch, every curve and flare of the most magnificent Porsche that I have ever seen.It was a 1979 SC Targa, Baltic Blue with black Fuchs Alloys. I couldn't believe my eyes as I walked towards this Porsche. The conception of style, design and shape were brilliant . It was a masterpiece! Suddenly, a flash went off and I could hear my wife sigh, it was all too familiar as she recognized the stupor that comes over me when I am that close to a 911. She snapped a photo of the 911 and me and gently removed me away from this Porsche, leaning over to me and quietly whispering, hmmmmm, some day, huh? I stepped back, acknowleged her sarcasm with a huge smile, wondering what it would be like to own a Porsche.

Well, a whole year had passed; no Porsche and weekend drives were becoming weekend cruises, when we passed by a 1971 911T. You see, my wife and I were on a limited budget, so instead of shopping, we would entertain ourselves by cruising through affluent neighborhoods looking at homes and cars. As we drove past this 911T, I noticed a for sale sign on the front windshield, I stopped, reversed, got out of our car and took another look. It was right then and there that I decided, it's now or never and bought the car with borrowed money. This was my first Porsche experience and my wishful dream had just become a reality. Porsche individuals develop strange characteristics that are classic. For instance, they are experts at finding the last end stall 50 feet away from the Shoping Mall. Have a built in radar systems when rain is approaching. Have mood swings depending on rain, sun or snow. Meticulous about dust and hygiene during and after a ride. Last but not least, experts in borrowing the wife's or significant others car when needed.

It's been 15 years since my first Porsche and I often look back and reflect the times I've had, both good and bad. It's been a learning experience from the start and I wouldn't trade in any one of those memories because of the lifelong lessons that were instilled within me that I carry with me to this day. My passion for Porsches still remains and I continue to admire all types and models of Porsche.

I have been blessed with the privilege and pleasure of owning more than one Porsche. I am on my 10th Porsche and I would like to share with you and other enthusiast, first time owners and wanna-bee's that Porsche is a fine example of a sports car.Yes, there are times when you are discouraged by escalated price and excessive repair but ownership of a Porsche is always desired and normally very satisfying. After you have experienced and enjoyed the thrills, peaks and valleys of your Porsche, I think you will come to agree with me. You can basically drive any sports car out there and enjoy yourself immensely but in the long run there is really, no other substitute. Come in and enjoy yourself, take your time and browse, if you wish to add your Porsche to the family or comment, you may do so by sending me an email. 

Be Safe and May the Porsche be with you,

Aloha from Hawaii,



Here are some pictures of my 993

Porsche Exhibit 2001 - Reserved Parking lineup
Picnic on the Ridge -  March 18, 2001
3-Spoke Steering Wheel from Germany (Auto Junk)
New updated Euro tt front bumper cover
My carbon fiber shifter

Feb, 2002 Update

Factory Sports seats added


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