My Beck 550 Spyder 

VW/Porsche 914 2liter with custom grind webcams, dual weber 44idf carbs, 911 cooling fan/alternator, cutom air shroud Lightened flywheel…
Porsche 5speed gearbox with cable shifter.  The original Beck frame has been scrapped from the seats back, replaced with custom tubing that supports a 993 IRS clip from a totaled 96. the frame also incorporated all new locating points for the engine and trans, we got the weight of the motor at least two inches lower than Beck did.  The nose slots are open and ducted to a MOCAL oil cooler, the side vents are ducted to the front brakes
Suspension is Bilstein coil-over.  Brakes are 4 wheel discs the rears are 993 discs cut down to fit the wheels and grabbed by 944 calipers custom cut to clear the rotors!  Interior is new and I used all marine carpet and vinyl that supposedly won’t mildew for years!!!
My Beck 550 Spyder
Another shot of the 550, the wheels are 197? Porsche 912/911 snow tire steel wheel option.
This picture shows the spyder with the deck lifted the car is running…

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