OBDII Automotive Scan Tool and Virtual Dashboard

Recently I came a cross an useful tool for our 993s, it is a small investment compared to the amount the data and information it can provide.  I have tried the scan tool on both of my Porsche 993 and the BMW and it worked well for both cars.

The OBD2 scan tool basically is a cable/software combination that can turn your laptop computer into a portable flight data recorder for your OBD2 equipped car, it does a lot more than just record data, it can tell you the fault code that set off your check engine light and the o2 sensor readings in real time, a very helpful feature for someone who is tuning their car.

The OBD2 scan tool can be purchased directly from Alex on his web site at www.obd-2.com  mentioned that you heard about this product from my web site and Alex may give you a discount.  

Here are some explanation in regards to OBD2
OBD is a abreviation for On Board Diagnostics.  OBD-1 is in reference to Title 13 California Code 1968 tiltled "Malfunction and Diagnostic System for 1988 and Subsequent Model Year Passenger Cars, Light-Duty Trucks, and Medium-Duty Vehicles with Three-Way Catalyst Systems and Feedback Control." filed on 11-15-85.  This required cars sold in California to have a on-board computer processor for on-board self diagnostics of computer sensed emission related components, fuel metering device and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation system). A partial or total malfunction that exceeded exhaust emission standard would illuminate a MIL (malfunction indicator light) and provide on-board indentification of the malfunction location. To provide malfunction location information, codes are stored in on-board computer memory. To read codes manufactures use methods, such as flashing MIL light or various serial data protocols. 

OBD-2 is in reference to Title 13 California Code 1968.1 titled "Malfunction and Diagnostic System Requirements-1994 and Subsequent Model-Year Passenger Cars, Light-Duty Trucks, and Medium-Duty Vehicles and Engines. filed on 8-27-90 to Air Resouce Board (ARB)
This requires a standard electrical connector, open source standarized diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), data, and communication protocol with more specific self-diagnostic on-board monitoring of emission malfunctions. 


Please visit the www.obd-2.com website for a complete listing of features and functions this scan tool can provide.  You can also order multiple connector type of this scan tool for use on GM, Ford and Japanese vehicles. 

You can download the OBD-2 desktop viewer from here, install it on your system and check out the features it offers.  Download
Here are some listing of the recording I have done on my 993 that you can download, you will need to download three different files for the complete viewing of the data, the file extesion includes (DAT, LOG, TXT format) Click here

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