Speedvision GT World Challenge Race 
Round 9
Road Atlanta
October, 05 2001

Round 10
Road Atlanta
October, 07 2001

This is Hank's 2nd year in SCCA pro racing, also his 2nd race in the Speedvision GT world challenge race.  This year's spec. tire were the the Toyo Proxes TS-1 tires, which slowed the lap times down considerably for everyone.  Since one of the original scheduled race were scratched, SCCA decided to run two races here at Road Atlanta, the 10th race completes the race season. 

I took over 100 pictures during those days, hope you will enjoy.


Here are some words from the Hank Cohn

The Speedvision races in Atlanta were awesome. I am a little disappointed as I thought we would be more competitive than we were. The Toyo tires are a pretty tough transition to make from slicks. Because this was the last 2 Speedvision races of the year, we stayed with stock GT3-Cup springs and shocks - What a mistake. Now I truly realize how important testing really is. On the stock setup, we couldn't get the rear of the car to make any grip. The front bar was set to full stiff and, ultimately, we removed the rear bar. Additionally. we made an extender to kick the rear wing up another inch. The stock springs were just too stiff for those tires. Braking was difficult too.

The first race was terrible. We were still running some rear sway bar at that point and I was at maximum aggression. As you can probably predict, I spun the car not once, but twice. That doesn't make for a very good result. The second race was much better, although the times don't show it. I had a great fight with the car in front of me. We switched places twice on the last lap with me making a mistake in the second to last turn and giving up the position.

Off the race track, I am always amazed by how friendly and helpful racers generally are. I was pitted next to Jimmy Adams who offered us springs, setup help, the use of their scales, several days worth of electrical power and a lot of very helpful advice. Members of his pit were equally accommodating (thanks Vern and John). Additionally, Jimmy's dad stopped by and wished us well in the race after a nice conversation.

Last year was a little more fun because it was my first experience at a pro race, but this year definitely reinforced the positive experiences from last year. Speedvision and SCCA Pro are a class act. They are totally professional and work with the racers and crews to make the event not only pleasant, but also loads of fun. I was selected to sign autographs again this year because I was a local and had a lot of fun with Peter Cunningham, Derek Bell, Eric Curran, Johanes Van Overbeek and others. Without trying to sound cheesy, the Speedvision World Challenge supplies all of the fun that you can dream about having and more. I can't praise the people, sponsors and fans enough for providing a venue for that kind of fun!

Hank Cohn

PS. Thanks to all that came by the Autometrics Motorsports pits, wrote e-mails and called. It is great to hear from you all. 



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