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Warm up time!

Practice day on the grid

A Ruf car
Ruf banana wing
On the grid
Our own Jack Nocolson
What is this?
You tell me?
Cars entering pits
Hank's number 64
Grid line up
Practicing grid line up
Hank on his way

Time to tear up some rubber!
(Practice day)

Some of the comments I heard off the radio was "Common guys take it easy, this is only the practice!".  Every driver was in high spirits, almost seems like the race itself wasn't enough, everyone was looking for a chance to race each other even during the practice day.


This was the fastest guy in group 2
Front straight
Front straight
Bottom of turn 12
Turn 12
Cars on front straight

"R" Day!
"Green!  Green!  Green!"

If you want me to use one word to describe the race day?  "HOT"  85 degrees, no clouds.......  Can you spell sun burn?


Warm up lap
Down to turn 12
Pace car signing off
Group leader
End of back straight
Back straight

Story of the event

During the practice day I met up with Ralph the owner of the turbo S pictured below and George the owner of Eurosport in VA beach.  What made me first notice Ralph's 993 Turbo S  was the fish emblem on back of his Turbo S.  And the whole time I thought I was the only guy with a fish emblem on back of their Porsche!  SO I was excited to meet him.   During practice Ralph lost the tranny in his Turbo S. Just while Ralph was getting ready to pack everything up to head home, we found out that one of the drop links on Hank's front sway bar was broken.  I must have went around every tent that was there at the track to see if anyone had a spare drop link we can borrow, but there was no luck.  Being a good Christian brother Ralph donated his drop link without hesitation so that Hank could compete in his race the next day.  And the rest is history.  (Hank won again in his class)    Thank you Ralph for your generous help!  We are very grateful for your assistance to help Hank compete in this race.

Ralph's 993 Turbo S.   Notice the awesome emblem on the right side.

Hank Cohn's broken drop link

For a complete listing of the pictures I took during this event please click here

Note: Car # 64 Red 993 belongs to my friend Hank Cohn, we won first place in Stock C class. 

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