How to remove the factory motorized tail mechanism

The tail on this particular M.A. Shaw kit does not come with a separate deck lid, so the factory deck lid must be used for the tail to mount to.  The factory motorized mechanism will need to be gutted before any fitting can take place.

(1). Raise the tail manually

(2). Unscrew the two philips screw that holds the cover on the motorized tail gear assembly and remove the cover.

(3). Unbolt the motor that controls the gears.  Unplug the two power connectors.

(4).  Remove the round clip around the inside plastic grill.  The trick to remove this round clip is to stick a flat screw driver in the slot and turn it as you would with a flat screw.

(5).  Remove the 6 hex bolt on each side of the tail mechanism that secures the mechanism to the deck lid.

(6). Once the tail mechanism brackets are loosen the tail can be dropped down into the deck lid.  Push the plastic grill alone the edges up so the plug can clear the opening on the deck lid and remove the plastic grill.

(7). In order for you to lift the plastic tail and the mechanism out of the deck lid you must loosen and remove the right side mechanism bracket with a hex driver.  There are two hex bolts that holds the tail to the right side mechanism.

(8).  Lift the tail assemble from the right side up and then the left side. 


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