How to install an aero kit

There are several aero kits out there in the market for the 993 narrow body cars, for one thing the stock narrow body 993s always looked more cute than sporty.... at least that is my wife's opinion.  There are several visual accents that can be done with the front spoiler to make it look more sporty and gives it a meaner look.  The kit used here is made by a M.A. Shaw everything is made from fiber glass with the the exception of the tail blade insert which is made with carbon fiber. 

The installation will be divided up into several sections, this is definitely not a one weekend job.  Also be prepared to deal with fiber glass, anyone who have worked with fiber glass before knows that the fibers can cause some serious skin irritation. 

Before you start fitting the aero kit to your car it would be best to lay it out in the sun for at least a day, this way the material will go through its expansion and contraction phases to prevent any warppage while it is already installed on the car. 

This particular M.A. Shaw kit consist of the GT-2 front spliter, and a 3.8 RS tail with a adjustable carbon fiber blade. 

Click on the below links to see the steps 

How to remove the motorized tail mechanism
Fitting the tail to the deck lid
Fitting the front splitter
Prepping the pieces for paint

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