1999 PCA Club Race Road Atlanta

If you have been following the "Track event posts" that I have been updating on this web site you will know that my friend Hank Cohn have been dedicating lots of his time and effort to compete in his first PCA club race this year.  Far out from any track event, club racing is serious racing.  Many competitive drivers in the same and different class cars share the same track and compete for the title (There is absolutely no money involved at the end).  The weather at Road Atlanta was California picture perfect (Anyone who lived in California would know what a California picture perfect day is) on this weekend, there was some casualties but everything went flawless for just about everyone.  Hank took 3rd place win in C stock class and a Rookie of the event award at the end.  All the local Atlanta 993 guys were there to give Hank support and cheer him on, although Hank was a bit embarrassed when asked to pose for photos with his mother who came up from Baton Rouge to watch her son's first race.  Among our Gen-X 993 group we were all very proud of Hank's extraordinary finish and his consistent performance throughout the race. 

We also met up with the infamous fabulous Joe Fabiani, and had our share of fun with him.  Joe Fabiani was a really nice guy in person.  We also met with Lee Walczak senior chief editor of Business week magazine owner of a converted 95 993 race car who won his class. 

Here are the links to the pictures 
(lots of pictures, Ray please don't complaint about the slow load time, you need to get a faster modem)

Casualties of the event
Practice day
Race day
Hank Cohn
Lee Walczak
(senior editor Business week magazine)
Friends and family
Misc. pics


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