Weekend Fun Time
My weekends are either filled with Porsche events, working on the yard or just hang out with the Porsche friends on my driveway drinking beer  (Good German beer of course), and work on our cars.  Usually we will cook up something good for dinner afterwards.

Here are some pictures I want to share with you.  Just click on the picture to get a full size view.

Of course we will start with a picture of me and my Porsche. (I spent all my money on the Porsche, so I don't have any money to buy any  new clothing.) 

Here is Lynn's 97 VW GTI VR6, you will not see too many VR6 GTIs on the road.  This is indeed a very special car.  But we call it the "Breadwagon" to make fun of his car, because it is so "Boxy".   Lynn have spent more money on the stereo system and the suspension work than what his whole car is worth, but it handles and sounds great. 

Here is Mark pulling up in his 87 911 Targa, Mark will take off the Targa top every chance he gets.  We have been pushing Mark to lower his Porsche, we always make fun of him and tell him his Porsche is always high and dry, and that he is doing 4x4.  Mark washes his car religiously, I mean every chance he gets.  He really keeps it in a very good condition, in matter of fact his car is a 1987 which is a 11 year old car, but if you see it in person it looks newer than my car. 

Here is Lynn (left) and Duane (right) laughing at Mark's 4x4 Porsche. 

Here is Aaron's 94 Porsche 3.6 Turbo, it is the same car they used in the movie "Bad Boys". 
We dynoed this car wtih the following results.   0-60 4.8 second with three people in the car and the A/C on.  340 horse power at the wheel, but numbers don't mean anything, I almost had a heartattack while riding in his car, it is very fast. 

Here are more pictures of  Aaron's Porsche


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