What is a track event?
A Track event is the closest thing to real racing without the trophy.  There are different types of track events, some are sponsored by car clubs, like Miata Club, Corvette Club, and of course the Porsche club.  "Road Atlanta" also sponsor their own event, typical track event cost per day is anywhere from $250 -$350.  Which is very cheap considering that you are tracking your car on a real race track at full speed. 

Of course what comes with real racing is real danger of loosing control and crashing your car.  There will be pictures of wrecked cars on this web site.  Please don't click on the link if you have a special love for cars,  it will really hurt your feelings. 

Why are people so crazy about attending the track event?
After being a passenger in Hank Cohn's Porsche 993 for 3 sessions (each session is 30 minutes), I finally understood why people are so excited about tracking their car on a race track.  And I assure you this is not for everyone, it is very difficult to track you car correctly on a race track.  And it is very very different from driving your car on the street.   I would say there are very few thing left in this world that can give you the same gratification as you turn a fast lap time in your car, and when you precisely turn in at the perfect angle at a particular turn.  And most importantly the gratification of passing a rivals on the race track. 
How to get in on the track event?
Before you start to track your car I recommend either joining a local car club, like the BMW, Miata or Porsche club to participate in some club events like Autocross, and Driver's Ed.   Autocross is the least dangeours event and you can really learn the lines (apex of the turn) and the capability of your car before you actually put your car on the track.  Most people who have done some Autocross would tell you that the only thing you can damage by Autocrossing your car is your pride, and after attending several PCA (Porsche Club of America) Autocross event last year I would have to agree with that.  After you have become comfortable with your car and have realized the potential and the limitation of your car you are ready for some Driver's Ed.  The Driver's Ed. event is a big step up from Autocross, because you are actually taking your car on the race track for the first time, but there will be an instructor in the car to show you how to take the lines, and the braking points and etc..... 
An quick and easy way to get up to speed for a track event is to attend a driving school your local race track provides, a typical driving school will cost you about $2000-$3000, but it is well worth it.  The driving school usually will provide you a car they use to teach you how to drive, so there is no danger in wrecking your own car. 

Enough talk already HANK is bitching at me about wanting to see some pictures..... I will come back and type up more of this boring stuff later.  But Lets start with the pictures first.  Click on the below link..... 

3/28/99 Track event At "Road Atlanta"
4/23/99 Track event At "Road Roebling"
1/26/02 PCA driver's ED Track event at "Road Atlanta"
2/10/02 Road Atlanta track day Track event at "Road Atlanta"

Below are some links to more pictures taken at the track 
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6/25/99 Picture directory
7/11/99 Picture directory
11/20/99 Picture directory

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