3/28/99 Track event At "Road Atlanta"

Since I am not ready to track my car yet, I made these following pages for my friend Hank Cohn.   I really appreciate Hank allowing me to be a passenger in his awesome Porsche 993 during this track event.  I will continue to update and add links and pictures of Hank's future track events to this web site. 

Picture of our cars, they are just like twins because they are so much a like even Hank's wife Sandi can't tell them apart. 
Hank gets mad when someone says to him "Hey, Hank your car looks just like Robin's car".  He get mad because he had the aero kit on his car two weeks before I did........ 


This is Hank's dream car........ Shiiiiii....don't tell anyone..... Hank have been secretly stopping by Jim Ellis (Porsche dealer) to check out a Twin turbo....... 
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Starting line up 
In car shots 
Someone Hank spanked 
Misc. pictures 
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