Peachstate Region Driver's Ed January, 26-27 2002
Road Atlanta

Preface:  All the pictures on this page were taken with my new Kodak DCS 315 professional digital camera.  The DCS315 is a Nikon Pronea 6i SLR body camera fitted with a Kodak Digital back.  This type of professional digital camera combines the best of both worlds.  The convenience of a digital camera with the variety of SLR lens options, and with no lag in shutter action, and pictures can be taken with amazing color and depth.  If you have been thinking about upgrading your digital camera and are interested to learn more about the Kodak DCS315 click here.

All the pictures in this page have been compressed down into a JPG format for faster loading.  You can click on each picture to see a slightly larger picture.  If anyone if interested in getting a copy of the original 4.3MB TIFF (film quality) file please e-mail me. 

All the track pictures were taken from 3 different spots on the track.  (1). Turn 12 and 1 were taken on the front straight, (2). Turn 4-5 were taken on the infield area, (3). Turn 10a,b and 12 were taken around the bridge area.  I have divided up this page with a map of Road Atlanta and a "X" to mark the location where I took the particular pictures from.  All the pictures were taken with a 300mm zoom lens, the digital camera itself has a multiplier factor of 2.6 which basically doubles the zoom power to 780mm.  Most of the pictures were taken at least from 100-200 yards away, so if you see a slightly blurred image it is because my hands were shaking.  All the pictures were also taken at the shutter speed of 1/1000, so you will noticed that all the wheels looks like there were standing still.  If anyone is interested in the detail photographic information with each picture please e-mail me. 

You will also notice there are many pictures of a speed yellow 993 coupe in this page.  This 1995 speed yellow 993 Carrera coupe belongs with my good friend Hank Cohn.  Click here to visit Hank's racing page section on

Turn 12, 1 and pit lane
(These pictures were taken on the front straight, X marks the location of the camera)


Turn 4 and 5
(These pictures were taken in the in field area, X marks the location of the camera)


Turn 10a, 10b, and 12
(These pictures were taken on either side of the bridge that divides turn 10b and turn 12, X marks the location of the camera)


Friends and Misc. pictures

Bad boy.... Bad boys.... what u gonna do......
Rick enjoying his long walk, Jason trying to catch his breath
Finland FOB
Local attorney catching up with his paper work between sessions
Someone's stomach is not feeling well
Brain and Lisa King (current Peachstate PCA president)
Bobby Kim's 964 RS American.  Bobby is truly an ORIENTAL REDNECK
Don is messing up another flat six
Sandi, Rick and Hank


This is (Robin)  web master's 96 993 Carrera 2 "DX"


"KILLED by bugs fast!"
Obviously this is not a p-car

Web master