Bilstein HD Shocks for 1995-1998 Porsche 993

Bilstein HD shock 993 package from

When I purchased my 1996 993 in 1997, it came from the factory with the standard (Non-sports) shocks with US ride height springs.  Right away without exploring too many option I opted to have the car lowered with some Eibach sports springs.  The Eibach springs really slammed the car down lower than I expected it to be, but still it was better than the "SUV" look of the US spring ride height.  (This particular shock and spring combination was not a very good combination as my car with this setup exhibited oscillation during high speed turns with dips on the road surface.  The front of the car just don't feel very secure because the shocks were just way too soft for the spring) 

In 2001 I was given an used set of factory M030 shocks by Hank Cohn, the used M030 shocks already had over 60,000 miles on them but were still functional.  I did notice a change in ride quality according to the ambient temperature.  (Cold - stiff, warm - soft)  Combined with the Eibach sports springs they were a much better match than the previous setup.  The car instantly felt a lot more confident during high speed turns and with less body roll, since the M030 sway bars were also installed at the same time. (Ride height did not change)

In 2002 I replaced the worn out M030 shocks with the Bilstein HD shocks from and now I am even happier than before with the way my 993 handles.  The Bilstein HD shocks are definitely higher quality units compare to the factory M030 shocks as the factory shocks tends to start ware out at around 30,000 or so miles, whereas the Bilstein offers a life time rebuild charge of only $55 per shock.  I also notice the diameter of the Bilstein front shocks shafts were a lot beefier than the factory shocks.  The ride quality with the Bilstein HD was firm but not harsh, the shock rebound were quicker than the factory M030 shocks.

The kit:
The kit consist of 4 shocks, each with it's own dust shield.  The front shocks unlike the factory shocks does not require bump stops.  The rear shock does require the drop links that comes with the Bilstein HD units.  The installation is no different from the installation of the factory shocks, with the only exception on the additional ride height adjustability on the rear shocks compare of the factory units.  Although the adjustment threads does not offer too much height adjustment, their purpose is mainly for corner balancing. 

The ride:
The ride quality was excellent when combined with the Eibach sports springs, I would assume that it would be just as good with the factory ROW M030 springs or H&R springs.  But I have heard that when combined with the factory ROW springs it somehow does not lower the car to some people's expectations.

Ride height:

Surprisingly the ride height is a little higher with the BIlstein HD shocks compared to the factory shocks, I am guessing it must be some design difference with the shock compression which caused the difference.  But coincidentally it worked out better with the Eibach sports springs.   In my opinion my 993's ride height is now perfect.  Hank's 993 was installed with the factory RS suspension components and aligned and corner balanced with the exact factory recommended RS ride height.  See the below picture for comparison.  Although I didn't get a chance to measure my chassis to the ground compared to Hank's 993, but visually from the outside both car wear almost the identical ride height.

The BIlstein HD is definitely a system I would recommend to anyone who is experiencing worn out factory shocks.  For the price of the upgrade it is a no brainer, of course if I had the extra cash the next option up would be the PSS-9 with the mono ball setup.   
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