Some great road signs from Gary Barnhill


Sign from Terry Adams


Doo'nt it maek yuo wonder whn peelpe cant even spell a simpol werd liike clsoed?

               Photo courtesy of Scott A. Martin, who writes that "This particular sign was found
               immediately in front of my son's elementary school a couple of years ago.  In fact,
               there were two of them.  It couldn't have helped the kids' spelling test scores!"

Above sign contributed by A.J.

I took this picture right here in Norcross, Georgia

Can you count how many "NO U TURN" sign there are in this picture?

Makes you ask the question, "How many warning signs does it take?"

This picture is contributed by
John Burr
1980 911 Targa
1995 993 Coupe
1996 993 Carrera 4

This photo has taken in Ireland in Oct 2002 near Galway. I assume that the sign is saying "don't drive your car off the road into the water". Seems that they don't put barriers up along the sea wall where the ferry comes in and they have had tourists drive right off the road over the sea wall and into the ocean.

This sign is contributed by Carl McBride

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