1996 Porsche 993 C4S




Mark Bukachevsky 

Acceleration: The bike has a weight/hp ratio of 5.96(with rider), while the C4S' ratio is 11.7(with driver). How do I describe the ability to pass anything at will?    K1200RS 1 - C4S 0

Handling: Riding a bike, you must pick your line and stick with it, the C4S enables me to make turning corrections easier. On track, I think the
bike would lead on the straights, while the C4S would do better in the twisties, because the K1200
is a sport/tourer and is top heavy with 5.5gal of
fuel.   K1200RS 1 - C4S 1

Interior: Bike = what interior?, that's the point. 
To me, the C4S feels like a warm embrace.  K1200RS 1 - C4S 2

Styling: The car, what can I say, but, it's the most recognizable automobile shape EVER created.  K1200RS 1 - C4S 3

Brakes: Both outfitted with very competent Brembo brakes, though it's easier to bleed the ones on the K1200RS(credit to Anir). Due to its weight advantage, the bike has better feel.   K1200RS 2 - C4S 3

Driving/Riding Experience: The best of two very different worlds. The 911, in my mind, every sports car fan's fantasy, balanced performance. The bike, on the other hand, is the ultimate open top ride, spiced with a hit of danger. Tie score.   K1200RS 3 - C4S 4

Mark Bukachevsky

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