1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 2S
Audi 2000 S4 (modified) 



I bought my first Audi Quattro in 1996. It was an A4 fully loaded. I loved the car but eagerly awaited the release of the Bi Turbo S4. 

When The S4 arrived in the States, I had one of the first off the boat. I absolutely loved it. It was everything the A4 was in a car but faster and nicer looking both inside and out. I took delivery of it in Sept of 1999.  I was living in New York at the time and was fortunate enough to track it at Lime Rock and Pocono before I moved South to Miami. Once I arrived in Miami last January, I started to mod the car. I started with a chip, exhaust, and air filter, which bumped the stock S4 from 250hp to 320hp. I then upgraded all my hoses, short shifter, brakes, wheels and tires for the track.  I tracked the S4 at Moroso, Homestead and Sebring. 

The most beautiful thing about the S4 was it's ability to stomp any car off the line in the rain or shine. It's biggest disappointment was the amount of push and body roll the car had on the track (which was subsequently solved with slicks.)

After 2 1/2 years of modding, romping, tracking, the car, I felt it was time for me to move to something a little less easy to drive.
My skill level as a track driver had increased significantly and the S4 was just to easy to throw around the track. If the car started to push, just lift and wait for the nose to tuck back in. Then, back on the power.

I had my heart set on a C4S and thought that the AWD system would really help me feel at home since I had been driving AWD for 5 years.
I then went to skip barber racing school and got my first taste for RWD track driving. What a rush!

On my drive home from Daytona (Skippy school,) I decided that RWD was for me. I set my scopes on a widebody 911 because I love the look and styling of the big fat a**. I've also always been a huge fan of the 911 it's been a long time dream.

So after just 22,000 miles I said goodbye to my Audi and opened up the door for my new Pcar. I took delivery 3 weeks ago and here is my review.

-Car- 1997 Carrera 993 C2S. Artic Silver, Factory Aero Kit, Aluminum upgrade, Hi-fi, Motorsound, Limited slip, sport seats and a 6-spd transmission.

I would classify my driving skills as an advanced intermediate. I have driven over 30 track days and nine tracks, but have not raced. I was signed off on Sunday though for my PCA race license. 

Acceleration: Off the line, the S4 modded was a monster, after adding Bypass Valves there was no apparent lag and the S4 really pinned you to your seat all the way through the gears. The short shifter also contributed to the amazing off the line feel of the S4.
The Pcar also has amazing acceleration, at least until you hit the bottom of second gear. I often feel like I'm waiting to hit that power band at the top part of the gear.
Verdict: S4 for Acceleration (off the line.) Pcar, for acceleration at highway speeds.

Handling: Even with my stock Pcar suspension, the 911 wins hands down. The center of gravity is much better and although I could always count of the front wheels from my S4 to pull me through a turn, the correct amount of trailing oversteer in the 911 smashes any feeling that the S4 could come close to even hanging.
(then again, I haven't driven the Pcar on the track in the rain yet!)
Verdict: Pcar..

Interior: The S4 was much more roomy and ergonomic, the climate control buttons were easy to find, the stereo system was better, 
Verdict: Pcar... A rolls royce might have the nicest interior in the world, real plush and comfortable, buttons right where you want them, etc. But come on... It's a 911.. Looks and feels just the way you want a porsche to.

Styling: One of the most beautiful sports cars ever made vs. a boxy sedan... No contest.
Especially with the aero kit.. I can sit and look at my pcar or even pictures of it all day and not get bored..

Brakes: I don't have big reds. After a weekend at Sebring, I don't think I need em either. I couldn't believe how much stopping power I had in the 911. I had upgraded brakes in the S4, *Stoptechs* (which are amazing and a much better, more cost effective solution rather than brembo's)
Even with the upgraded brakes on the S4, there is no comparison. Pcar can go deeper than any car I've ever driven. I just can't wait until I'm comfortable enough with the car to really brake at 10/10's and do some sweet trailbraking.
There was no fade, there was no warping, I didn't even make the pads sweat. I was braking later than I ever had before and there was just so much more I could have done with those brakes. 
Verdict:Pcar.. Stay on the gas longer, Brake deeper.. Faster lap times..

Driving Experience: Every time I get into my 2S I remind myself just how lucky I am. Yes there are some cars that are faster or handle better but they still take a back seat to this fantastic car. I don't think I could ever see myself not owning a 911 in the future. 
The 2S is not my everyday car though, nor do I think I would ever want to drive it everyday. It's great for the weekends, going to the track,
and just looking at. It's not terribly comfortable, nor practical for my 5 mile commute to and from work. I am also always hauling a ton of gear, dogs, etc.

These cars are really great and I just wish I didn't live in a state where all the roads are flat, long and boring. Guess I should count my blessings that we can track all year roung though 



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