1995 Porsche 993 


1974 Porsche 911


Flying FInn

First of all, little about these cars since they're not stock: My 911 is originally -72, but it has -73 2.7 engine and -75 tranny. 

Those OEM steel body panels and brakes arenít stock (or 72) either, that why I call it Ď1974í. 

It has probably the stiffest suspension there is, it's low, and it has little over 200 hp (registration says 227 but I can't say if it's true). 

It's really loud (I love the sound!) and harsh. 

I've tested it w/ my friend and his -00 Boxster, I was faster in straight line and in corners too, so this ain't slow 911.

My 993 is stock, except the Fabspeed Supercup exhaust (couldn't take that quiet stock sound...) and drilled airbox. It has factory sport suspension and seats. 

Both cars handle really well, 911 is stiffer, which I like but 993 with sports suspension is stiffer than I though it would be. 
911 is lighter and you can feel it. 
Itís more tossable than 993 which isnít bad either. 
I think 993 suffers from US ride height, itís too high (lowering is a must, for looks too). 993 handles better and is faster but 911 is little more fun because it doesn't have power steering, brakes and clutch. 
It has that kinda raw feeling, which I like. 
Advantage - 911 

993 stops better and under heavy braking, it is more balanced, while 911 is not so easy (which I like though because it is good also). 
Pedal feeling in 911 is slightly better (because of no power assist) and you have to use much more force. 
Even though I prefer brakes w/out ABS and I like them heavy, this has to go to 993. 
Advantage - 993 

Sound (not stereos!): 
You just canít do Porsche comparison without this kind of categoryÖ 

Both are really loud (I told you they're not stock). 
911 has higher scream, while 993's tone is (especially in lower rpm's) lower. 
But High revs really makes 993 scream like Porsche is supposed to! 
Advantage - Overall, 911 - high revs, 993 

993 naturally wins this one. 
I've tested (with one of those G-meters) 0-60 times: in 993 it was 5.07 seconds, 911 (with hand watch) about 6.4. 
Both cars have quite nice torque, which make them easy to drive out of corners. However, for both cars rpmís need to be above 4000 rpm, thatís about the point when they come alive! 
For cruising, below 4000 rpm, there is enough torque, but when you really start driving, you need to go higher. 
One thing about engines: 911 with 2.7 liter engine and its throttle responseÖ Itís just about the best there is, 993 comes nowhere near on this category. 
With that heavy flywheel etc., for example, when revving in neutral, it takes quite long for engine to get those revs up and down while 911 barks like a dog!
Advantage - Overall, 993 Ė throttle response - 911 

As many knows, 911's (915) gearbox isn't the best there is, but I find it ok, once you get hang to it. 
993's gearbox is a lot precise, I really realized this once I got used to it and maybe after 8 months, drove my 911 again... 
However, gear ratios are much better in 911, it pulls just so nicely with all of those five gears. 
993 (US model) gear ratios (some of them) are little far from each other; gap between 1st and 2nd is too big. 
Of course, when driving over 220 km/h with 911, rpm's are already around red line, with 993, you got plenty to go (and it goes!). 
Advantage - 993 

They're both great, 911 having (to my eyes), that 'real' 911 look which I so much like, it has that sort of 'old class' if you know what I mean. But I just love 993 too. 
I think 993 looks better, but always when I look my 911, I'm just amazed how great it still looks in 2002! 
Advantage - If I have to choose, 993. But I guess this need to be called a tie. 

So, there it is. All I can say in the end is that theyíre both such great and fun cars to own and drive!

Best regards,
Flying FInn

"it's better to be a RACER for  a moment than a SPECTATOR for life"

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