Porsche 911 Carrera Twin Turbo
Ducati 900 Super Sport



Acceleration: Pretty similar, and both are more forgiving if you've been granted a rolling start. It's harder to bring the front wheels off the ground on the 993TT, though.

Handling: I imagine it would be harder to touch the ground with my knee in a corner with the 993TT, but unfortunately, I can't manage this on the Duc either.

Interior: It's more difficult to regulate the temperature and cabin humidity on the Duc, but otherwise, there's a similar amount of carbon fiber to be seen. Passenger capcity is identical, for all practical purposes.

Styling: Both have a nice front-to-back hourglass figure. 

Brakes: Both outfitted with very competent Brembo brakes, though it's easier to bleed the ones on the Duc. Also, I feel more likely to go through the windshield of the Duc on hard braking than the 993TT. Also, the 993TT fuel tank doesn't hurt me in my baby factory during hard braking maneuvers.

Driving Experience: I'd have to pick the 993TT, because it's never resulted in shoulder separation and meat missing from my elbow.



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