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Philip Picuri

My 993RS is a perfect example of great German engineering and quality. The car is very solid and robust.  Even after 6 years, still looks like new.  

The Audi TT is also very solid and good quality. Never drove one before, and must say, overall, I was pleasantly surprised with it (not that I would ever consider it an alternative to my 993RS though). 

Acceleration: With 225 turbo hp, not bad. I found response to be quicker than I expected from a turbo engine, but the characteristic was as follows: first a quick response, but not much surge in power, then in the mid-rev range, the turbo kick, and finally in the upper range (above 5000 revs) a dying off of the surge. No contest with my 993RS which develops about 315 hp and has a very strong constant linear acceleration from 2500 revs to 7000 revs. The normally aspirated engine of the 993RS is fantastic, it can be dosed to perfection, power development is predictable and awesome. 

Handling: The Audi TTs handling is very good for a stock car. Very little body roll in the curves. Dips a bit when breaking, though. But overall, I'd give it high marks. My 993RS is better, but I feel that the Audi TT's handling is better than the stock 993's. The 993RS feels much more direct than the Audi TT.  The steering wheel of the 993RS is responsive to the slightest movement, much more so than that of the Audi TT. But then the RS is a special 993 derivative. 

Interior: Once inside the car, the roof of the Audi TT is high but the windows are low. At first I felt like getting into a tank. I also kept bumping my head getting out of the car (I am 6' 2" tall), because the high roof/low window combination is deceptive. I was not too pleased with the visibility. Much better visibility in the 993.  The 993RS, like all 993's, fits like a glove, or a nicely tailored suit when you climb in.  Very snug, you feel as if you were "wearing" the car.  Not so in the Audi TT: the windshield is too far away, the car is roomier. Otherwise, I liked the interior of the Audi TT. Spartan and sporty.  Nice design, I found.
I liked the round instruments better than the cluttered look in the boxster or 996. Good ergonometrics. But, I still prefer the 993 dashboard, it is unique and even though essentially unchanged over more than 30 years, has a real "racing car" feel.  The seats of both cars are good. 

Styling: Matter of taste. Certainly different to the usual Euro boxes. A bit too fat for my taste. IMHO: 993's are beautifully styled with a sleek, timeless line. 

Brakes: The Audi TT has good brakes, but the power-assist is much more noticeable than on my 993RS with turbo brakes. No contest with the turbo brakes when it comes to braking performance. 


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