1996 Porsche 993 C4S


1999 Toyota FJ-100 Land Cruiser vs. 



Accleration: Obviously the C4S is quicker off the line and at pretty much any speed. The LC might win in top-gear 50-70 as it's an auto, and the LC would definitely win in most low-traction situations.

Handling: The C4S wins again in anything but an off-road contest. The LC is more fun on on/off-ramps if you like that floaty feeling...

Interior: Gotta give this one to the LC. It looks good, the fit and finish are great, and it's got a lot more room than the C4S. Hell, I can't even fit anyone in the back seat of the C4S, much less haul anything!

Styling: The LC is nice enough looking for a land barge, but the C4S is simply beautiful and smacks the LC in this area.

Brakes: Again, the LC stops really well for such a huge beast of a vehicle, but it can't hold a candle to the Big Reds on the C4S.

Driving Experience: I haven't tracked the LC yet, but once I add the Sparco seats, harness, and Hoosier slicsk, I'll let y'all know. The C4S is outstanding in this area, one of the best in the world.


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