Unique license plates from around the world

Here are a collection of interesting p-car related vanity plates from around the world.  Thanks for everyone's contributions.

If you have an interesting plate you would like to contribute, please e-mail me a digital photo of it to mrpcar2004@yahoo.com

Thank you

P.S. Here is a good site with great example of various personalized plates, http://www.pl8s.org
If you have a plate and would like to be listed in this site, you can use their automataed submission form at  http://www.pl8s.org/submissions/ 

To start off here is a picture of the vanity plate I borrowed from one of my employees, she is on the waiting list for the new mini cooper.  Hence "Mr. Bean"

This one below is an awesome plate sent to me by Bart Malcolm Nale

Eric's 97 993 C4 Cab license plate, the double meaning is fun. 
Todd Campbell's Porsche plate "excellence"
Some of Todd Campbell's other plates, "Innovision", name of a consulting company
Todd Campbell's full name, Todd D Campbell (as in soup)
Todd's wife's Lancruiser = 4 by 4 rough and ready or rest and relaxation
Todd's father's plate, elderly part time actor
Todd's mother's plate, also an elderly actor
Robert Collin's plate on his 96 993 cab
New Hampshire - BNZ911(would have been BENZ911 if our state allowed 7 characters. Playing on my name and that MB is on the other side of Stuttgart, well, along the idea        that someone could be confused and think that MB 
made a 911... ok, maybe I'm the only one amused).
Chuck Benz 
Paul Morgan's plate on his 97 993 
Submitted by Mike, not sure what state he is in or what type of 911 he owns.
When people ask me what it means, I give a few possible answers:
       1. Last of the "real" (air cooled) 911's. 2. Last 911 I'd be happy to keep indefinitely. and probably best, 3. Last 911 - enjoy what you have like it will be the last you ever have. Tomorrow is promised to no man. Cheers, Fred Ringness LAST 911
This plate is on Mike McGinty's 95 C2 993, forgot what country he was from.
The DMV wont release it because the my car, 97' Carrera S was totaled in May, it has to be registered on a real vehicle. 
It says "911RULE". 
Sonny Vo
Blond in BMW 3 series had plates that said  "THKUEX"
Must have had a good divorce lawyer and got everything except the clothes on the guys back.    Tim (Ohio)
This is the plate that is on Chris Latshaw's 82 911sc Targa 36,000 mi Durango, Co Visit Chris' web site
Plate contribution from James Taylor 
This is the plate that is on his 1971 911 "GRINFIXR" - James is Dentist.
Another plate contribution from James Taylor 
This plate was recently spotted in the IBM parking lot in Raleigh, NC, it was on a '80s 911 and said "GOESTO11". 
The plate on Richard S. Hoff's 84' 944 (Yes, its in great shape unlike most early 944's) reads "911NEXT" because a 911 is next for me.
This is the plate that is on Jeff's 96 polar silver 993 twin turbo, "MOVE 4WD".. Jeff thought that it would be an interesting pun since the TT is 4WD.. :)
This plate is contributed by Craig and Jackie in California.  This plate is on his 1996 993 twin turbo.  (Too Damn Fast)
The following plates are contributed by Melvin Spear, and you guessed it he is on the other side of the pond.  Melvin said, It's a lot more difficult to make them up here in the UK, so a little bit of ingenuity is required!
This plate is on his 1989 911 Carrera 4
my wife has L 13OOK because she loves books
on another car I have M 13RNU for Melvin's BRNU -the reg of  plane I fly
Contributed by Denny, 96 993
From Dennis Johnson in TX, "My Guards red RS has a license plate that reads "ENUF" as in... strong enough for me! "
 From Doug 88 "TYPE 930" Rennlist Member #991224-1759
Michael Rosewell 's plate on his 964 from you know where. 
Contributed by Dick Scales the plate that is on his 993 twin turbo.  "IT RIPS"
This plate is contributed by Jason D. Reyes, he saw this plate on a black 993 C4 during the driver's ed at Grattan Raceway in Michigan.
The plate belongs to Dave Winston of Dexter, MI
Steven Frye plate on his 97 TT, WAILTAL (Whale tail). he has them with got Coastal Commission, so there is a whale's tail superimposed on the plate.

"GD4ATKT" a plate that's current on Andreas' 996 twin turbo, it also used to be on Andreas' 930 turbo before the 996. "Good for a Ticket", Andreas Abramson
My "SMURRF" vanity plate resides on my '74 911 Carrera which is Gulf Racing Blue.  Jerry L. King NAM-Chemicals Cleveland, OH
Seen at a local PCA event in the Cleveland area a Metalic Blue 993 Turbo with "BLU BYU" as it's plate.  Contributed by Jerry L King
BOXS2K, plate belongs to Dan Feinberg's Boxster 
119 SVVH belongs to John Hass, the trick is to look at the plate upside down.
Came across you website and am enjoying it..not sure you can read my plate, it says "GRNMENE"....' 73 RS replica from Illinois. Jerry Matta
This is the plate on Troy Lavelle's 88 Carrera coupe, venetian Blue , with the California Coastal Commission Plates ( superimposed whale tail ) Plate reads,  IGATAGO, meaning   "I got to go". 
P.S.  IGATAGO is said with a Joe Peschi tone of voice 
AFUN911 is on my 1985 turbo-body coupe. I have AFUN993 reserved for my next car,
which I hope arrives soon!  Thanks.
Pete Lech
PCA-Orange Coast Region.
Washington state on my 88 911:  NO H20
John Gregory  Richland, WA
This is the plate on Hal Olson's 97 Twin turbo, the license plate reads BOOSTID (meaning turbocharged, boosted). Hal also had this plate on his previous 94 3.6 Turbo.
This is the plate on Chris Deel's 94 C4 widebody, "A FLAT 6" Chris livesi in Richmond, VA, and he also had this plate on my 81 SC, and then moved it to my 94 C4 wide body.  People still asks Chris what it means.........
This plate is contributed by John Peecook in Ohio.  "OVR STR"  for his oversteer on his tail happy car. 
This cool plate is submitted by Eric Danetz.  Eric saw this awesome NJ plate while he was in NYC a few weeks back. It was a modified early 90's 930 with a plate that read "Call 911".
These two plates are contributed by  Frank Celenza (Fast Franz)
The NJ plate belongs to Frank. 

Frank is a Two-time Michelin One-Lap of America Competitor
You can visit his web site at: www.citysearch.com/nyc/celenza
Our newborn is online: http://photos.yahoo.com/fcelenza57


This is the plate on John Fahy 's 1987 944 S - Azurite Blue, Tan Leather Interior. Completely stock.
My '96 993 Carrera Coupe wearing it's registration P11RSR.
Unfortunately the car is not an RS let alone an RSR, but if you mirror the P it becomes a 9 and as some other vanity plate contributors have pointed out it's quite difficult to "engineer" Porsche registrations this side of the pond.   Only Porsche "spotters" get it, but it's nice when someone does comment. 
Mark Cole
This is my 944 Turbo S and my Dad's 91 C4 cab.
His plate is 9011 Mine is URLUZN
I also have UZLUZN on a 911 SC track car.
Mike Garvey
Matt Connolly personal protest against water cooled 911's...
Here is an interesting plate contributed by Tokuro & Myrissa Yamashiro that's on his 96 993 C4 Cab.  And he happens to work for Microsoft.
These plates belongs to Roger Garrell of Lake Orion, MI 
AUTOBON (my 1984 928S)
TSCHUSS (German for Bye Bye)
This plate belongs to Frank Eisenhart in Maryland
This plate belongs to Mick McGlasson's 993
These following plates belongs to Dave McCulloch of the Allegheny Region, PCA
FLIES LO (was on his 951 "S", but is now on his 986 "S")
ONDTRAK (resides on his tow vehicle)
Dave also used to have an 86 930, with the plate WRCHD XS (Wretched Excess)
Steve Shanks' 1991 C2 Turbo licensed in Michigan. Here's the license plate and car.
Here is a picture of the plate on Tom Jacobson's  '83 911 SC Cab. It says IXXI, roman numeral for 911. It is on an Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame plate.
This plate is contributed by Frank Celenza, from his buddy's 944 turbo
This plate belongs to Andy Szavay's 1980 911 SC Weissach Edition
"BRUT 911"
This is the plate on Randy Welch's 95 993 in Washington state.
It says: PWRSCHE - "Power Sha"
It was quite fitting on my '78 930 (441 dyno HP), and on my C2T (450 HP), but it still suits the "RSR Mufflered" 993 as well.
'95 DX
These plates are contributed by Armand Gastelo
The frame on the Porsche reads, MSJB007, drives the Benz.  The frame on the Benz read, MRJB007 drives the Porsche.
This plate belongs to Gary Weaver's 95 993, "He waited a long time for his plate"
This plate belongs to Jerik Love 's 96 993, "96 993"
Kurt Fischer's 1980 911 SC Weissach with NON CA DMV approved Porsche sticker :)
This plate belongs to Steve Myers's 96 993 
This plate belongs to  Lonn Schwartz's 98 C2S in Stroudsburg, PA
This is the plate from Mitchell Schwartz's 996 "026TIN5" Obviously it means 0-60 in 5 seconds
This plate is on a 97 Cab that belongs to Scott Thieret of www.AcquiredPerformance.com 
Guess what his specialty is? 
This plate in on Martin J. Glinsky, Ph.D. Eight In One Pet Products, Inc.
This plate belongs to Ted Jacobs of Long Island, New York
This plate on a 964 belongs to K W Lawniczak of  Paducah KY
This plate belongs to Steve's "malibusteve" '72 TR6......... In order to own any English/British car, IMO, you have to be as the license plates imply...
This plate belongs to Boer, Adrienne's 1996 Glass-top Targa in Austin, Tx
These 3 plates belong to Brice Kadel of Urbana, OH
These plates belongs to Terry T. Riedel's 90 964 C4 Cab in South Florida, the front plate says "MOV OVER" in mirror image, and back plate says 964 C4.
This plate belongs to Doug (Cannonball) Richter's twin turbo in Wisconcin.  You can read his amazing story at the p-car.com stories page
This plate belongs to David Bybee of Salt Lake City, Utah on his 89 964 C4 .  This is the same plate that was also on his 1987 and 88 911
This plate belongs to Dick Beers' C4S in MN
A plate that belongs to a state law enforcement employee
This plate belongs to John Dasher's 1980 911 SC
This plate belongs to Peter Tu's 99 Boxster.  The plate TXFDNY means "thanks fire department new york". after september 11 of 2001, i personally just had to do something to remind myself that the "343" will never be forgotten. (i have many friends that are in the same profession) the courage they displaced will forever be tattooed in my heart and soul. 

This beautiful 1972 RS belongs to Jack Olsen
This beautiful '88 911 Carrera Cabriolet belongs to Brian Sullivan, the license plate "HAD TO", came about because when he located this cherry car for the price he told my wife we "HAD TO" buy it (for investment purposes of course). The plate also works well when passing slow pokes. 
This plate belongs to Mark Ritter's '97 Carrera 2 located in Marietta, Georgia. 
This plate is contributed by Jim Hsu taken in Los Angeles in 2003, on the 405 freeway. 
This plate belongs to Howard Rubin it isn't a vanity plate. He was just lucky that MPH was the three letter prefix in his area, and on top of that, he was lucky enough to be at the license bureau when they were at #904. Though the ladies there aren't supposed to arrange to give people any particular number, they did for him that day. Since this picture was taken, he bought a 996 so of course the plate is on that car now. 
This plate was captured by Jim Hsu while traveling on the 405 freeway, 
This plate belongs to Mike Siemsen's '89 911 Cabriolet 
NSBST2T 'No Substitute' 
This plate belongs to Gerry Murray's 96 993, such a true statement as this is something we all once said!
This plate belongs to Mark from Evans, Georgia 
This plate belongs to   david hicks
This plate belongs to Tom Simonetti from Califronia.  A beautiful 1996 993C4s.
This is the plate on Dan Tidwell's 964 C4
Contributed by Mark Goddard of Sydney, Australia
Contributed by Paul from UK
Contritbuted by Cole Realty <colerealty@bellsouth.net>