Photos of the my Porsche 993

   These pictures were taken in 1997 right after I took delivery of my 993.  I purchased my 96 993 in May of 97, from Jim Ellis Porsche located in Atlanta, Georgia.  At the time of purchase the car only had 6000 miles on the odometer.  I paid $62,000 for the car.   The particular option for this car were, gray leather interior, 17" Porsche carrera cup wheels, factory 10 speaker high performance stereo system, 6 disk CD changer.   The Porsche 993 model were introduced in Germany in 1994, the US received its first 993 as the 95 model year.  The 993 model Porsche 911 marked the beginning and the end of the greatest air cooled 911 this planet have ever seem.  Porsche had gathered their 30+ years of knowledge with the air cooled flat 6 motor and combined it on this last model of air cooled Porsche.  It is by far the most reliable and desirable 91 ever.  Major changes includes: Slanted projector beam head lights,  redesigned front and rear bumper covers, redesigned front and rear wing (fenders), exhaust system, intake system, engine, suspension, and etc....

The picture of the engine bay shows the new Porsche Vario-ram technology introduced on the 96 model 993 cars for added intake efficiency, which gave the 96 model year an additional 10 horse power over the 95 model's 272 horse power. 

What sets the interior of a Porsche 911 apart from the rest of the production cars in the world is their emphasis on the simplicity and purposeful layout of the gauges. The "Clock" size gauges are eye catchy, especially the tachometer.  Is what monitors the heart of the car.

These are my favorite angles of the car, if you look closely you will discover that the 993 still wears the rain gutter that has existed since the VW Beetle.

The opening above the engine lid ventilates the engine, and it will also automatically rise at 50 MPH to help cool the engine, and provide effective down force to the rear end at high speeds.  Someone I know actually drove his 993 at 170+ MPH and he said the car feels very stable at those speeds.  I personally wouldn't know that, the fastest I ever took my 993 was at 155mph, and it was purely unintended.

More photos of my 993 after some minor modification

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