Georgia summer thunderstorms

Thunderstorms in Georgia is as common as sunny cloudless days in California.  For a Cali boy this is a wild sight, Georgia thunderstorms can just pop up out of no where in matter of minutes and can also vanish without a trace faster than you can say Mississippi. 

The lightning show is just amazing and I wish to capture this nature's own light show and share it with everyone.

It is not very easy to catch lightning on film, not to mention on a digital camera.  Took about 80 shots to capture these 3 photos below.   I will continue to add photos to this site as storms appear and disappear. 

Hope you enjoy


For the below pictures I used my Kodak DC-260 megapixel digital camera, extended exposure at 5 second interval. 
Click on the picture to see the high resolution version of the picture


These pictures were taken during the storm on the night of 8/10/2000

Ugly Storm Clouds

Potential tornado clouds captured on camera

Beauty and the beast

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