A fun Porsche day in Atlanta, Georgia

As I have mention in my DIY, at least half of my enjoyment from owning a Porsche is to work on one.  Either my own or someone else's Porsche.  Today we help Jean Marc bled the brakes in his speed yellow 996, and helped Hank Cohn work on his 993 race car.  Didn't get to do a thing with my own car today, all we did was stared and examined at my alternator shaft extension I added yesterday.

After 9 hours of hard labor I am very tired, and I am sure I am really going to feel it tomorrow.  But I had a very good time, just wanted to share some of our happiness with you guys.

First we load up the front of my house with Porsches.  Hank is walking towards me......$#%#&^%#&......mumbleing something

Here Jean Marc getting into Hank's race car to try out for size

Jean Marc smiling at me and said, "This car fits me like a glove!"

Jean Marc is stuck..... Hank trying to pry him out......

Hank eating McDonalds and mumbling "What the f%$ are you doing!".  The tail was being used as a picnic table.

Overall this was a great Porsche day!  I wish one day maybe we could have a Rennlist meet day so everyone on the Rennlist can all hang out together and talk about our toys.


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