Testimonials from current RSR muffler users:
(all the testimonials are untouched in their original form, including the spelling errors)

Did you ever see the movie "Amadeus"?  There is a part where Antonio Salieri, the "bad guy" is old and sitting in a wheel chair and comments about Mozart.  He says  "MUSIC!, it was MUSIC!". 
Well Robin, that's how I would describe the sound of your exhaust, both from the inside as well as the outside.  The workmanship was fantastic as well.  My mechanic praised the welding as well.
When I left the shop, all the mechanics and the sales guys were standing outside to watch me take off... and what a take off it was.
I could swear I picked up at least 12-15 horses.  There was virtually no resonance, the exhaust note was a sophisticated snarl, growl, well, just
"Music".   The throttle response, combined with the new K&N filters was significantly improved.  The tach just seems to "jump" at my command.
Coming around the corner, as I slip into second gear and let it out around the bend, I begin to feel like I'm really "killing bugs fast".  The sound
was about 10% louder but completely more aggressive yet my wife isn't complaining about the car sounding too loud.  In her words, "like a
souped-up camaro SS".
Yes Robin, you've truly done it (perhaps by accident), but nonetheless, this is just the right level of sportiness you'd want in a 911.

You have made me a true advocate of RSS, the "Robin Sun Special".


95 993

Message from Rennlist mailing list
Subject: Affordable 993 Exhaust Mods....
From: "Steve Schwing" <hondaman@bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 20:35:5
X-Message-Number: 92

After a couple of Inquiries here last month I hooked up with Robin Sun here in Atlanta.  Robin has perfected a 993 exhaust modification that is very slick.  Essentially, he cuts the muffler open, makes some mods to improve flow, and welds them back together.  I listened and rode in his modified
car, Borrowed a set of factory "sport" exhausts, and also rode in a Fabiani Gen 2 equipped car(his).  Of the 3(sorry Joe), I like the modified ones the
best. Not too loud, virtually no resonance, noticeable flow increase.  We bolted mine on this past weekend and they work great.  Robin may do a few
for reasonable $$$.  Contact him at  mrpcar2004@yahoo.com

'95 995

Dan....I just went through the exhausting routine of selecting a muffler.  Here's what I found:

After asking some questions on the list I got varied responses.  Most with Fabiani systems (gen 1) thought they were far too loud.  B&B folks were not real happy either, and, of course, Joe fabiani rants about them exploding, etc.  Anyway, to make a  long story short, I ran across a guy named Robin Sun.  Turned out he was local (Atlanta) and he'd worked out a modification of the stock system which sounded promising.  Robin has quite a collection of mufflers including the Fabiani Gen 2, Factory Sport, and his own modified stock.  I rode in his car with the Fabs, then with his modifieds and I liked the modifieds the best.  We swapped the factory sports onto my car and he went to work cutting and modifying  (open the cases, open up a restrictor, and weld back together).  By the way, the factory sports were not that impressive.  His modified system is perfect.  Not too loud, little to no resonance, improved throttle response, very smooth sound, factory fit, etc.  I've had them on the car for several weeks now and have added a chip (my 993 is a 95 hence chippable) and intake. 
The transformation in the car is awesome.  Robin's done a system for a guy in Chicago and he's equally impressed.  Not too quiet, not too loud, exactly what both of us were looking for. Robin charges a paltry $300 to do the mods, a way better value than $1,000 + for some stainless cans that don't do it any better and will probably be too loud for you.
Contact Robin at  Robin_sun@premiopc.com

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Steve Schwing
'95 993

This is Dan's testimonial 2 month after he had the RSR Special on his car

Like many other proud owners of the fine Porsche marque, I just can't leave well enough alone.  I love to tinker and make oftentimes futile attempts to improve upon what Stuttgart engineers have spent 35 years developing.  I've had several Porsches and not one of them retained it's stock muffler for long after it found its home in my garage.  I have always desired a throatier sound and more power than  the stock setup provides.  Mostly what I ended up with was the throatier sound; much to the dismay of my neighbors and others sharing the road with me!  Then I bought my first 993.  Wow!  This was somewhat of a different beast.  The glorious mechanical noise of older 911's was almost gone and the sound from the tailpipes was nearlyt inaudible.  I often found myself stalling the car when leaving from a dead stop.  I knew that those stock mufflers had to go.  But, no longer was I going to put up with a brain rattling exhaust note that sounded cool for about a day and then just ended up being a nuisance.  I investigated alot of options (Fabspeed was #1 on my list), but after I was steered towards Robin Sun and his home made RSR Specials, I felt that I had little to lose.  He agreed to send me the mufflers free of charge on a trial basis and if I liked them, all I had to do was ship him my stock mufflers and a check for $300. Robin was a joy to to "business" with and is just a plain nice guy who happens to be a Porsche nut like myself.
Well, having suffered for my poor choices in the past regarding muffler purchases, I was very suprised when I started up my car for the first time after fitting the RSR's.  They were much quietier than I anticipated, but the car now sounded like i believe  a Porsche should sound.  It's almost like what I'm sure  Porsche engineers would want the car to sound like if the EPA were to suddenly forget all about noise regulations.  Just the right amount of wonderful throaty exhaust note that rumbles behind the car, but never becomes intrusive in the cabin.
One word of caution though.  Don't expect big power gains.  My seat of the pants feeling is that these mufflers are good for about a 5 hp gain.  This is not a condemnation of the RSR's, but rather my disbelief that any reasonable sounding 993 aftermarket exhaust has the ability to actually  make the kind of hp increases claimed by those peddling them. 

Robin has hit a home run, and I commend him.

Dan Blumenthal [dan@bravobuzz.com]

Hi Robin
Just a note to let you know how much I like the RSR mufflers I bought for my '95 993.  I put the mufflers on the evening they arrived, turned the key, and have been smiling for three days!  The sound is AWESOME!! 
After researching Rennlist for over a year to make a muffler change, I know I made the right decision.  And best of all, the lowest cost alternative on the market.

Horsepower gains?  Don't know and don't care!  My first time going through the six gears under power was equal to the first tme I got my hand in my wife's blouse!  The mufflers fit perfectly, look pure stock, and make beautiful music without being intrusive.  Who said Americans couldn't improve on German engineering?

Bob Hartzler
Ankeny, Iowa

Well, you have another satisfied customer.  I can actually hear the engine.  And does it sound great.  Remember that my original complaint about the
stock mufflers was the '96 did not sound as good as my old '86.  Well, now it does.  Actually it reminds me very much of how the '86 sounded.
It was actually easier to remove and install than I expected.  Only about two hours worth of time and I was done.  I was so anxious to get it on the
road that I forgot to put the engine cover back on.  Oh well, I'll crawl under tomorrow and take care of that.
Check's in the mail, or will be by tomorrow.  I'll also box up my old set and send them off tomorrow evening.  I'll forward the tracking number to you then.
Thanks again,  and I'll pass along your web address to all who are interested.  Hopefully you'll see more business from the Cincinnati area.

If there's any way I can do more, let me know.

Thanks again,

Robin, We got lucky with the weather here in Chicago over the weekend, 65 degrees in February!  It finally allowed me to get out and take a long test run with my new RSR Special Exhausts. I was not disappointed.
Frankly, my concern had been that your exhaust system would be too loud or harsh. Not the case at all. While you have definitely kicked the sound level up a few notches, It still retains that throaty Porsche growl.
And, when you hit 5,000 rpm and the second part of the Varioram intake opens up, Wow, what a great sound!  Much more noticeable.
As far as the workmanship, my mechanic noted the stainless steel welds were very neat and clean. They look like new mufflers. Installation was routine.  All in all, he gave them thumbs up. He also liked the sound.
Goldilocks mufflers, not too loud, not too soft, just right!

Congratulations on a great product.

David Jones
Deerfield, IL
1996 993 C4
February 27, 2000

I installed my RSR mufflers this weekend. The install was easy thanks to the instructions that you give on your web site.  I did the work at my dads house since he has a better garage and is equipped with more tools than I am.  It was kind of cool spending the day with him working on the car.
The mufflers sound great.  The car has a deep growl now that is very pleasing.  When I was young,  my father drove his 1965 Corvette to work everyday.  I used to wake up at 6 am in the morning to the sound of him starting the engine, pulling out of the garage, and driving down the street.  The sound of the RSR's reminded me a lot of this.
Anyway,  thanks for everything.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

June 26, 2000

Thank you Gert ! - RSR MK2 fitted (V Long)

Posted on the Rennlist By: Mike McGinty <mike.mcginty@elan.ch>
Date: Monday, 14 August 2000, at 8:20 a.m.


After a brief meeting in a Burger King car park with John Webster (993 coupe) and Anthony Bradley (993 Targa)last friday, I headed out on Saturday morning to Switzerland via Gert's place in Belgium to fit an RSR and a Front Protection Bar (which I "used" this morning).
A nicer more professional guy you would find hard to find. We started by going for a drive in his beautiful C4S whilst my C2 cooled down. Lunch in a lovely Belgian brasserie was on him (he absolutely insisted!) and then I drove his C4S to listen to the MK1 RSR fitted (It was my first time in any sort of C4 and is very different.  The brakes were awesome.) The engine note was great and really made you feel that you were driving a sports car.  Back to the garage we chatted whilst he set about my car on the hoist. Difficult tail-pipe bolts were cut off and replaced with new stainless items and the tail-pipes were then polished before re-fitting for good measure. He fitted the FPB and help me convert the projecter headlights from a RHD country to LHD (just flick a switch!). He also pointed out numerous things about my car that I had no idea of.  After a test run (more later) We sat in the garden whilst Lin and Brett (his children) practised their English with me and Maureen his wife kept the snacks and chilled mineral water coming.  When it was time to leave (about 8 hours later!) she presented me with two sweet goody bags for my four-year-old twin girls - very generous.  Forgetting any P-car involvement I had a great day with Gert and his lovely family - I was treated like an old friend. Gert even insisted on my trying the RSR's out and dealing with payment later.   The RSR mufflers on my car were listed as Bischoff number 5's which are ex-RS mufflers. The initial impression was that they were a LOT louder but having stalled my 993 on a number of occassions because it was too quiet I think they are just right.  I debated quite a while about whether to go Fabspeed etc but the overall low cost (but not quality) of the RSR made them a no-lose option.

In my opinion they are just AMAZING ! The burble is just right, and the sound as you stretch your car through the gears really gives you an ear-to-ear grin (Gert!).

They sound great when you press on but are absolutely normal (although lower burble) in normal driving. Originally I was going to take the motorway all the way home but instead I zapped through Belgium and Luxembourg before climbing into the hills in Germany, France and Switzerland on A roads. (Standing over the river Saar in the German vineyards whilst below Luxembourg sat in the full moon and "C2 COU" ticked away behind me was one memorable moment).

Overall the RSR MK2 has transformed the car. We all read stories about the "actual" bhp gain of performance exhaust systems but I feel that this is (now, for me) irrelevant. The RSR MK2 makes my 993 feel "right" - I now have the sports car I really wanted. It certainly feels that it revs up quicker, and that it keeps you much more informed of how the engine is doing. After a few miles I was able to guess the change-up points within + / - 100 rpm just on the note (the RSR develops a hardened "crackle" after 6150 rpm which sounds fabulous).

Thank you to Robin for the design and many many thanks to Gert and family.

Mike ('95 C2 RSR MK2 Polar Silver)


If you were asleep in a small french Hamlet when a thunder of 993 carrera noise came bouncing down your valley then.. er.....sorry :-) ).

Robin's RSR's: Epic Mufflers(Long)
Posted By: Martin Schacht <schacht917@msn.com>
Date: Tuesday, 22 August 2000, at 8:11 p.m. 

When I first got my 97 C2 last December, it was delivered with aftermarket mufflers. I wasn't aware of it at the time. I soon became disenchanted with the mufflers because of an annoying resonance that occurred at between 2800 and 3000 RPM. I do not think it fair to mention the brand name of the manufacturer. Trust me, it is nobody you know. 

I am now the proud owner of the Robin Sun's RSR muffler system for my 97 C2. The sound is awesome and aural candy for me as well. The quality of the
workmanship on the RSRs is beyond reproach. I also like the idea that the RSRs started out in life as Porsche factory mufflers. Robin gets his hands on the muffler cores, cuts them open like a can of sardines, does his magic, and welds them up. 

In addition to the incredible sound, there have been three additional repercussions. The annoying resonance is gone. In addition, for one reason or another, the car seems to run a few degrees cooler. And finally, I find I am driving the car a little harder for the sound feedback. 

Robin ships these systems out on a core exchange basis. Once you have tried the mufflers and like them, you send him the cores and the cost of the RSRs.
Everything with Robin is done on a "handshake" basis. I like doing business this way. 

From:  AVERY DIAMOND <averyd@pacbell.net>
    To:  mrpcar2004@yahoo.com
    Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 20:51:54 -0700

Hi Robin: Here are a few thoughts about your RSR mufflers that you can use as my endorsement of your RSR mufflers:

My car is 95 993 black Carrea coupe with 55,000 miles. It is a daily driver often carrying my daughter and me to school and my office which is close by. As we cruise on Interstate 280 on the way from San Mateo to Burlingame (No. Cal), I can now hear what my engine sounds like since I installed a pair of Robin's gourmet mufflers. Even though I stay between 3000-4000 RPM during most of the drive, it is those few times when I punch it to 4500-6000 that I hear my engine give off the nicest wail followed by a modulated growl as the car slows back to normal speed. Those sounds from the exhaust can sometimes be as important to a  car nut like me as the first cup of coffee in the morning (the only reason I have my job is to drive my Porsche to and from every day).

The removal of the old mufflers and installation of the RSR's took two of us about an hour and a half. We used ramps instead of a floor jack, and printed out the RSR DIY directions for reference. I am wrench-impaired, and found removing the tips more of a challenge than working with the muffler swap. Robin was kind enough to offer his cell phone number in case we got stuck, but the task and the layout of the 993 muffler system made our task simple. My biggest problem was the WD-40 stains on my shirt.

If you want to hear the engine in your 993, the RSR's will provide the sound you've been missing. The price is right, and Robin's honor-payment policy is a pleasant change in the pre-paid world we live in. He is a nice guy trying to subsidize a hobby that also brings out the best of ours. I am pleased, and so are my ears.

           Rob Wolford
       To: mrpcar2004@yahoo.com 
       Subject: Long Overdue Testimonial - Feel free to use on website
      Sent: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 00:52:04 EST

      Greetings Robin,

      Went to Willow Springs Race Track last Monday and drove my 993TT like it was a stolen car and I had just held up a liquor store! The car performed 
      superbly and has me itching for my next track day.
      I had 2 or 3 other Twin Turbo owners circling my car wanting to know why it sounded so much better than theirs. When I told them about the RSR
      mufflers, they were turning green with envy and wanting to know how they could get a pair. I gave them the website info and told them to email you. 
      Moreover, since my car already has the PROgram as well as an FVD intercooler, I am convinced that the mufflers do in fact give me crisper throttle 
      response, as well as the awesome sound.
      Anyhow, I continue to be extremely pleased with my RSR mufflers. My only regret is that I didn't have some good scotch for us to drink when you
      were out here installing them. Best regards.

      Rob Wolford

          "Bauguss, Glenn" 
    To: mrpcar2004@yahoo.com
    Subject: RSR Exhaust System
    Sent: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 12:51:56 +0100

Hi Robin, I had the mufflers installed on Tuesday and WOW do they sound fantastic....I found myself sitting in the car in the car garage just listening to them....absolutely perfect.   My original mufflers with all the extra pieces should be on their way to you now.   I had my mechanic ship it back in the same box to the Premio address and attention Robin Sun.  I'll have a check headed your way today via Airborne so you should see it tomorrow.

Thanks a bunch for the great product and service, 


          "Minister, Barry J"
    To: mrpcar2004@yahoo.com
     Subject: Check's In The Mail (Mufflers Too)
    Sent: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 12:10:00 -0700


Just a note to tell you the muffler cores were shipped UPS ground yesterday. I also mailed a money order for the RSRs plus the delivery shipping
yesterday. Please let me know when you receive both.

Saturday I was able to actually drive the car with the new mufflers. It sounds great with the classic throaty mechanical tune you expect from a
Porsche. A friend said I really need to hear it from the outside. My seat or my imagination tells me it's winding up quicker as the higher revs approach.

I do have one question. Do the clamps used to connect the muffler and exhaust tips or muffler and catalytic converter pull the two sides tight
together as tightened, or do you need to make sure they are pretty tight on the bisket before tightening? 

Thanks Allot,

Barry J. Minister

        To: mrpcar2004@yahoo.com
       Subject: rsr muffler
        Sent: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 17:59:26 -0500

       cash the check maestro!

I went for a quick ride last night. Much better! Thanks for turning them around so quick. The sound is what I was expecting to hear the first time I drove it. Luckily I found someone with a common interest and much more mechanical ability. Good stuff. If you come up with a mod that makes the mufflers sound like a 550 Maranello, sign me up. Talk to you soon.


       To: mrpcar2004@yahoo.com
       Subject: The mufflers or on the P-car
       Sent: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 18:04:45 EST

Robin, the mufflers are on the car today and they sound GREAT.... The changing of the mufflers was simple, I need to know how make the check out 
Robin XXXXXX? I have the address to mail too. I will be mailing you a check for $650.00 as I will keeping the stock units. The car sound nice not to loud 
yet having a deeper throatier mellow tone. The level of sound in the car is low and a clean motor sound, if anyone in So. Cal. would like to hear RSR in 
action have them get ahold of me. I want to thank you for your help in supporting me with the biscuits. How much due I owe you for the biscuits and 
shipping cost? Also, if I would be of help to someone in So Cal. in installing the RSR mufflers I would be glad to help. Have happy holiday and enjoy your family and your P CAR. 

"Craig Daugherty" 
To: <mrpcar2004@yahoo.com>
Subject: mufflers
       Sent: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 09:01:35 -0700

I picked up my car at the body shop on last Wednesday and left on a 1,000 mile tour of the Texas Hill Country with the local PCA group on Friday. I loved the sound of your mufflers-not too loud, not too quiet.  I am mailing my check today and will ship my mufflers in the next day or so.
Thank you very much for this wonderful addition to my car.
Craig Daugherty

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Jim Sullivan 
Member # 180 

posted 06-23-2001 09:35 

Tito, EJ is absolutely correct. I have a 97C2S which came with Motorsound. I recently swapped out the mufflers with Robin Sun's RSR's and I think it is a significant improvement in sound without being excessively noisy/goofy etc. They growl and rumble beautifully without any change in resonance, a real pet peeve of mine, and I would say they are roughly 10/15% louder than stock which might seem too quiet, but on extended use is just about right for my tastes.

And, I do believe a part of the Motorsound sound is the beholed airbox which comes with it, and the resulting intake swoosh.

So go to Robin's site below and give them a try. He will send the mufflers to you to try out. Your only cost, if you don't like them (which I seriously doubt) will be a few bucks to send them back to him. Robin's Site 

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From:  Tom Dymant 
 To:  mrpcar2004@yahoo.com 
  Subject:  Re: RSR Muffler 
 Sent:  Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:38:19 -0400 

Hello Robin,
I received the mufflers Friday, installed them Saturday and enjoyed them Sunday. I am very happy with them and would like to thank you. I think I'll get the motor sound air cover to complete the package and keep everything Porsche stock. The local dealer will install the ROW M030 springs next week with the stock shocks. He claims to have done a number of them, all with positive results. I know the rear shocks will be an 1" too long, but the dealer said he'll cover all labor if I'm not satisfied. Thanks for all your info. Since it's a cab and I have a track car, I'd like to keep the suspension as compliant as possible. I'll get the old mufflers to you this week with the check. 

Thanks again and if you need any referrals, please include me.


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Member # 451 
posted 07-20-2001 22:19 

I just got my RSR mufflers from Robin Sun, and I thought I'd report my impressions on the installation and the sound. For those of you that don't know, Robin modifies stock 993 mufflers for a better sound. See:

                      Robin's P-Car Site

First, my car is a '97 C2S with the factory motorsound airbox and stock, non-motorsound mufflers. 

The installation took me two hours, which included figuring out how to jack up the car for the first time (thanks to this BBS and Robin's DIY section on his web site), re-packing the old mufflers for shipping, and taking the opportunity to give the exhaust tips a good scrubbing and polishing. The only thing that cost me a little time was that I didn't figure out what the brazed-on clip on the muffler was for until after I had one muffler strap snugged up. I realized pretty quickly that it must be there for a purpose, so I took the muffler back off and saw the hanger that the clip hooks to.
I'm sure it's just my own doofocity, but maybe this will save someone a bit of time. Overall, it was an easy install.

Now to the sound: Perfect. No booming. A pleasant gurgle at idle, a throaty growl under throttle. I was afraid it might be too loud, but it isn't - I just love it. It makes me want to go out and drive it even more than before, to send the tach climbing again and again. The subdued sound of the stock mufflers was a real let-down for me, so this modification has made me feel much better about my C2S - the love affair deepens. 

I still wish the car had that whirring mechanical sound of my '87 Carrera, but now my 993 has a rather loveable and distinctive sound of its own that the '87 lacks.

This $350 modification is the best money I've spent on this car. You'll like dealing with Robin, too - he's a class act.


'87 Carrera Coupe, Grand Prix White
'97 Carrera S, Glacier White
'96 BMW R1100RT 

From:  "Ben Hartsell" <hartsell@gte.net
To:  "Robin Sun" <mrpcar2004@yahoo.com> 
Subject:  Love the RSR's 
Sent:  Mon, 6 Aug 2001 17:21:08 -0500 
Robin - got the mufflers installed w/no problems and love the sound. As everyone else has said - just the right rumble without being obnoxious.  Hard to imagine a better $350 upgrade.

I got a tad busy today and didn't get the cores and check out today. I'll send them tomorrow via FedEx 3-day so you should have them by end of week.

Thanks and pleasure doing business with you!

Ben Hartsell
'97 993 C2S
'00 Boxster
Plano, TX

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Topic: Life with an RSR muffler is...(long) 

Richard C4S 
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posted 08-19-2001 15:46 

very good indeed. If you are even remotely unhappy with the quiet sound of stock or even motorsound mufflers, dont hesitate to get Robin Sun's RSR muffler solution. I'm a doubting Thomas and had to hear Will's RSRs on his C2S first. That convinced me and Robin delivered mine (modified motorsound mufflers)less than one week after I ordered them. Will installed the "new" mufflers for me Friday. Took one hour. I think he's got it down now. They sound just as I wanted them to be. Not too loud, not too soft. To my ear roughly 20-30% louder than stock on acceleration. Nice enhanced low basso profundo sound with an occasional brap/burp interruption coughed out at engine start and idle. Reminds me of a muscle car with variably variable idle. Nice increase in deep engine roar up past 4000 rpm yet quiet as stock mufflers at cruising speed. No resonance at all. Comparing Will's C2S with my C4S, Robin's QC is right up there with the best of them. Will's and my machines now sound quite identical despite the fact that he has the motorsound air intake and I dont. Therefore, I don't feel the need to install that as well. 

Here's the best part: I dropped my 13 year old off at the old movie theater in Ann Arbor when I pulled up to the curve and shut the engine off. Usual Porsche occassional stares. Then after a goodbye hug, I fired the sucker up. Wow! The entire line stared. I felt like 19 years old again. That was priceless. I have that incessant urge to rev the sucker at stoplights now when I'm next to Preludes and Mustangs. Best $350 I ever spent. Thank you Robin!

Richard 1996 C4S arena red 

From:  Peecook4@aol.com 
To:  mrpcar2004@yahoo.com 
Subject:  Re: RSR muffler 
Sent:  Mon, 10 Sep 2001 21:57:40 EDT 

Thanks Robin for the great work producing my RSR mufflers.  I would describe the sound as very tolerable around town and on the freeway, but agressive enough when I tip into the accelerator pedal.  No highway "BUZZZZZ" like my old B & B, and the quality of workmanship is superb.  To cap it off, quick service as well.  I fully recommend your RSR conversion to anyone who wants 
to enjoy their car and the way it should sound. 

Dublin, OH

From:  Anir Dhir <adhir@qx.net> 
To:  mrpcar2004@yahoo.com 
Subject:  RSR (993 twin turbo) Muffler Evaluation 
Sent:  Thu, 13 Sep 2001 22:39:31 -0400 


I hope you are doing well during the tragedy we've all experienced this week. Nathalie and I were vacationing in Florida when the attack occurred, and we just completed a 1,000 mile drive home in a rental car after our flight was canceled.

I installed your RSR mufflers on my 1997 993TT today, and wanted to give you some feedback. As many others have commented, the quality of the welding and craftsmanship is excellent. I agree with you that the mufflers should last a long, long time.

I did have some trouble with the installation, but this was no fault of yours. Two of the four 13 mm bolt/nut combinations were severely frozen/rusted and snapped during disassembly, prompting a quick call to Phil Anderson at Suncoast. I was able to reassemble everything except the tips, which will have to wait until my replacement parts arrive. Also of note: on my car, the muffler strap was held on by a 6 mm hex bolt, not a 7 mm hex bolt as shown in your DIY section. Interestingly, the PET part diagram from Phil shows the part to now be an 8 mm "cheese-hd screw". It would seem that Porsche is using the old Italian method of utilizing whatever parts are handy at the time of assembly. ;)

As you had explained, the sound is subtly different - perhaps 10-15% louder, with a nice change in tonal quality. My wife commented that it sounds "cleaner" and "less choked", and I would agree. The overall sound is a bit more rumbly and lower, with no resonance. The sound is more like my Ducati with the Fast by Ferraci pipes, but not nearly as loud.  In addition, the mufflers now allow more of the mechanical sounds to shine through.

It may be my imagination, but the car seems to rev just a bit easier and faster. Of course, I just spent the week in a Budget Rent-a-Car Ford Taurus, so anything might seem more performance-oriented by comparison! :)

Robin, I congratulate you on a job well-done. We'll see if anyone notices the upgrade at the Putnam Park PCA DE event this weekend.

Thanks again for the help. Feel free to add my comments to your site if you desire.


From:  Inrcool@aol.com 
 To:  mrpcar2004@yahoo.com 
  Subject:  installed muffler.... 
 Sent:  Thu, 11 Oct 2001 18:05:33 EDT 

Had the mufflers installed yesterday and they are just as you claimed they would be. Not very loud. Just loud enough to give a hint of 911's 
from the '60's. Its a nice addition. 
My mufflers were re-packaged in your computer box and should have been sent UPS today.
I will put a check in the mail tomorrow for $360. Please tell me how you want the check made out and which address to send it.

Thanks !


From:  "Vieler, Ric" <rvieler@saratogasystems.com> 
To:  <mrpcar2004@yahoo.com> 
Subject:  another happy customer 
Sent:  Tue, 23 Oct 2001 13:28:32 -0700 


Just got back from my first drive with your RSR mufflers.  Way cool. It is soooo nice to be done with the resonance from B&B Tri-Flo mufflers.
Your solution is bullet-proof. Nice rumble down low, nice wail up high, and no resonance!
This is what everyone should be trying to build.
My mechanic will be returning the core Gillet mufflers today.  But I forgot to write down your address. Can you tell me where to send the check?

Ric Vieler
Software Engineering Manager
Saratoga Systems, Inc.

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Hank Cohn 
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posted 12-24-2001 11:37 

I installed my RSR mufflers Saturday and they are awesome. I have removed all of the sound deadening padding from the engine bay and can hear the mufflers even at idle. I have had RSRs on other 993s, but still had the sound pad in the engine bay. They have a great burble at idle and just the right amount of raspy bark under load. It is the perfect blend of sophisticated exhaust sound without the boy-racer listen-to-me drone. The best part of all is that when driven conservatively, it easily passes the wife test!
Thanks, Robin and Merry Christmas to all!

Hank Cohn 
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  Subject:  Re: Robin- the sound 
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Oh yes, "the sound."

1st, Let me tell you what I was looking for... I think of the 993 as a "classy" version of Porsche venerable 911. I therefore wanted to have an authoritative rasp when I hit the key, and perhaps a mild tone as I idled away from a crowd - but not much more. Obviously I was attracted to "motorsound" versions for just that reason. However, what motorsound lacked was the "mechanical" tune that I heard your magic could offer... 

So here is how my first moment went.

With great anticipation after install I walked from the back of the car (I took a bit of extra time resetting the twin tips to suit me) and to the key. I had just completed a similar swap a few weeks ago (as you know) w/ my faux motorsound system I mistakenly bought. All I could think about was the time I hit the key after putting THEM on - and then of course my great disbelief when they sounded the same. Anyhow, I reach in the cabin, and I hit the key...

The 3.6 liter then roared to life with no effort & a harmonic tone unlike any that I have ever heard. I jumped from the door sill & ran to the back of the car as to "take it all in." It was "the sound" I was looking for Robin. Authoritative, classy, above & beyond good 'ol motorsound. A true musical note and absolutely not obnoxious in any way. 100% socially acceptable & truly an addition to the cars overall value.

I then took the car for a quick jaunt & found that the interior noise level was low, just as I had hoped. I also had a chance to give the car a strong run up the gears & found myself breaking the tires loose unlike I had ever before. A fluke? I dunno. Quite possibly a result of the RSR muffler.

After zipping back in the driveway I ran in & asked my wife "is that loud?" She says "No no! You just HAVE TO hear this!"  She jumped in the driver seat & left me standing at the curb. As she pulled away, I knew that all the RSR rumors I had heard all had merit. It was an outstanding sound, and I had only one guy to thank. 

That guy is you Robin. Let me personally say thanks for all your R&D, and for all of your efforts to make this one of the most satisfying swaps I have ever encountered. It is the "right" 993 addition.

On a side note, after dinner tonight I had to go listen one more time. This time I left the garage door down and hit the key. It was grand. I rev-ved the car a few times to enjoy the tone, then shut her down and just smiled. Great job Robin.

Thank you.


From:  Silver Bullet <silverbullet2oo1@yahoo.com> 
To:  mrpcar2004@yahoo.com 
Subject:  RE: RSR Muffler Order 
Sent:  Wed, 20 Mar 2002 08:01:17 -0800 

 Hi Robin,

Yes. I developed a "headache" at about 4:00PM yesterday and went home. I heard that lying down would help. Well, I didn't make it into the house, so
I laid down on the garage floor. Since I was already there and the tools and muffler were just sitting there I figured to make use of my down time...90
minutes later my "headache" went away. It was a miracle! I can only attribute that to the soothing gurgle of my new RSR mufflers! So you can now
advertise that it cures the common headache! 

I took it out for a run (again to ensure that my headached was indeed cured) and couldn't be happier with the sound. I must have looked silly driving
along rolling the windows up and down randomly to listen to the car.

I'd describe the sound as a sweet, raspy, mechanical gurgle (not too loud, but just loud enough) that gives my car a voice to say "Let's rock!" (and cures the common headache!) Whereas, with my Motorsound or RS mufflers it was more like, "Shhh...we mustn't disturb the neighbors...lets wait until we're on the highway...afterall we've been refined for over 35 years".

The RS mufflers did seem to have a lower tone but no other distinguishing characteristics. I will keep the RS mufflers though for when I experiment with opening up the entire exhaust and intake. And the Motorsounds will be my backup.

So...does that answer your question?

My cores and payment (payment will be sent "snail-mail" in case UPS does an "oops" with the shipment).

Kim Ouye
Silver "Gurgling" Bullet

From: Sandher, Surj - eSpeed
 To:  mrpcar2004@yahoo.com
  Subject:  RSRs across the pond 
 Sent:  Wed, 14 May 2003 14:10:42 +0100 

Hi Robin,

I just wanted to add a little something to the plethora of plaudits you have regarding the fabulous RSRs - but from from across the pond, here in
England. All the quotes on your site are from US based customers who are all very happy indeed, but I didn't see any from any European based customers - so here I am with my 2 pence worth.

As you know, Gert Carnewal handles the European RSR distribution and the guy is truly magnificent in his approach and service. He kept me posted on how long the wait for my RSRs was all along and they arrived very well packed, containing new bolts for installation. After having followed your instructions, I fitted the RSRs myself on a quiet Sunday and all I can say is that both myself and my brother (who stood and watched me fit the mufflers) were truly astounded by the noise. We both just smiled that knowing smile when you know that something is so right. Although the sound is louder, I wouldn't say it was loud, but definitely deeper and far more 'woofly' (is that even a word?).

This really is a great product and I can heartily recommend it to anyone considering a more noticable - more Porsche - sound from their
993. Robin, thanks for having the brains to put this together and the ingenuity to get the operation off the ground and across to Europe.

Mind you - none of the european boxes are as shiny as the ones the US guys get!!


Surj Sandher

Date:  Sat, 27 May 2006 03:25:18 -0400 
From:  Bert 
To:  'Robin' <mrpcar2004@yahoo.com> 

Hi Robin....Work has been killing me in the past while. I'm sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. I would like to take the time and thank you 
for being such a great guy to deal with. You are very honest, super trusting and patient. As for the RSR Muffler....it's great! I cant stress more how well made it is and the quality of sound is excellent. Not too loud for everyday driving and loud enough to enjoy the 993 as it was meant to be enjoyed. It is not headache causing nor obnoxious. I personally would have liked a bit more WOT scream but I wont sacrifice the noise level for everyday driving. My only beef with this exhaust would be a little droning noise at about 2500 to 2900 rpm on 1/4 throttle at a cruising speed inside the car. I am suspecting that my sport air intake is also a contributing factor to the droning noise. Out of 10 this bothers me about a 1 out of 10. When I first got the exhaust on the car....I thought it could be louder but after 1000 klm, I realize that it is just right. The best part of the whole exhaust is the sound when it is idling....THAT'S PORSCHE !!! 

The bottom line..... 

I would do this again without hesitation. 

Value.....can't beat the price! 

Installation....1 hour and 3 out of 10 on the difficulty level. You wont need any special skills here. I followed Robin's instructions and it was simple. 

Robin.....A stand up guy. Open honest, a true lover of the sport and Porsche. I don't know how he put up with my 1000 questions. 

Thanks once again Robin. 

Albert Lee 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

PS I would be glad to provide anyone considering the RSR Muffler with follow 
up or reference information. E-mail me at onecutetigger@hotmail.com

Date:  Tue, 02 Jan 2007 05:37:57 +0000 
From:  Al Lee 
To:  bill

Hi Bill....sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. I got caught up with New Years plans. 


So far I only have about 5000 klm on the RSR Exhaust. Most of the milage I have put on going to the track and on the track. The exhaust is pretty much 
flawless. The interior noise level is excellent. You can hear it but it never becomes an head ache. Outside the car its like music. From the second you start it and drive off. It has an amazing sound at idle and a better sound while driving. If you stand outside the car and rev the engine the sound is agressive but not loud. This is an exhaust that will not put you on your neighbours BAD LIST. For my taste I would have like something more obnoxious and loud but at the same time, this is as much noise that I can handle without being uncomfortable. So to sum it up, The RSR exhaust makes my 993 sound like what it should and is perfect for my needs. For the price you can't beat it. If you want something crazy loud, the Fabspeed Cup is the only way to go. Robin was a great guy to deal with. Not many people like him anymore. 

Good Luck Bill, 

Albert Lee 


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