My RSR muffler was mentioned on an International Porsche magazine!

Most of your guys know that I have been making custom modifications to the Porsche 993 exhaust system for the past three years.  It originally started out as little weekend hobby has now turned into a steady stream of requests from all over the world.   Besides having my RSR exhaust system shipped all over the United States, I also have my RSR exhaust system installed on Porsches in Switzerland, Belgium, New Zealand, and England.  For all the European customers I pass on the rights and the responsibility of making the RSR muffler to my friend Gert in Belgium.  He basically take cares of all the RSR muffler from the other side of the pond.  (Personally I didn't want to be bothered with shipping products Internationally)     

I don't advertise these exhaust system that I build, every system sold is through word of mouth and referrals.  All I have is a little web site that describes the system and it's function and ordering information.   Click here to see that page

Recently to my surprise my RSR muffler system was mentioned on a well known International Porsche publication! 

I thought I share this with you guys.

This is the August issue of the 911 & Porsche World

Here is the article where my name was mentioned.  
John Stewart the contributor of this article lives in England, we have exchanged various e-mails in the past regarding different issue with his 993.  And John is the one that mentioned my name and my RSR exhaust and my web site in this article.  (Click on the picture for a close up look of the paragraph where my name was mentioned)


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