The evolution of my 993's visual enhancements.

1997 The beginning......

Stock 96 993, 17" cup wheels, stock US suspension

1997 I was bitten by the "Bug".......

18" factory technology turbo twist wheels, and Eibach sports springs.


Many $$$$ Later..............

1998 I saw this.....

Factory cup car

And then......

The Aftermath

2000 Part of my head went bad.........

Sold the aero kit, and bought a new..........

Porsche Euro twin turbo front bumper cover
Now this.....



Had my factory calipers sent out for powder coating.  Made the correct font size Porsche logo script and stencil.
This is how it turned out.

May, 2000 trying to make a decision about which tail I should go with on my 993?????

Please help me make the decision by taking an on line poll below.

Click here to take the poll

Thanks to everyone who took the time to take the above poll, here is the results of the poll

August, 2000

Although everyone preferred to see the turbo S tail on my car, I happened to come across a used factory twin turbo tail.  And that is what I ended up with.

So now this is how my 993 look today



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